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CX17 - Genesys/Interactive Intelligence, Indianapolis, IN

For years, this time and place was for Interactive Intelligence's Interactions annual event, but having now been acquired by Genesys, that event will now be part of their event, G-Force. This is the bridge year for combining them, and going forward, am not sure if it will still continue in Indy, a city I've enjoyed visiting - and playing music in.

I'll be flying there on Sunday, and am looking forward to seeing how the two companies are coming together, especially for the mix between cloud and premise-based offerings. There's a lot to be worked out, especially for branding, channels and managing the two workplace cultures.

That aside, I'm looking forward to another gig with the SIPtones, and we're all practicing to get ready. We're playing Tuesday night, back again at the Slippery Noodle, Indy's top blues bar. It's a great spot for our music, and if you haven't seen us, here's my post from our last gig there, including a short video compilation of our show.