New Kudo - Top 10 Telecom Experts to Follow

The anonymous nature of the Internet leads people to behave in unusual ways, but its vastness also means that we all get lost in the crowd. Everyone has an opinion, but that doesn't mean everyone else is interested, and it doesn't stop folks from sharing it online. So, it's really hard to know who knows about stuff, and that's where top 10 lists can be of value.

Everyone has an agenda, and we never really know what goes into these efforts, but it's always nice to be recognized. Yesterday, I was cited in one such list, from U.K.-based Telco Bytes. At least this site is industry-based, and by looking through the list, they've gone beyond their local market to include North American industry-watchers, so it's not just friends and family.

I'll take it, and it's great see fellow colleagues Ronald Gruia, Evan Kirstel and Gary Kim in there too. The others are new to me, but after checking them out, I can say I'm in good company, and you wouldn't go wrong following any/all of them. Here's the posting of their top 10 list, and if you like it, please share.