Strategic Planning

This is where JAA’s extensive industry experience and MBA background provide the basis for strategic planning counsel. In this role, JAA would serve in an advisory capacity to help companies map out their business strategy, growth objectives and go-to-market initiatives. JAA’s independent perspective brings a balanced point of view along with fresh thinking based on 30+ years of business experience.

Industry Partnerships

As an independent analyst, JAA maintains a broad network of active relationships across the tech/telecom ecosystem, from nascent startups to global enterprises. For companies looking to grow via partnerships, JAA can play a variety of roles, including identifying potential partners, due diligence on select targets, making blind inquiries, facilitating introductions, and helping to create strategic partnerships.


Intellectual Property Monetization

JAA maintains a working relationship with a leading consultancy focused on the monetization of IP. Based in the U.K., this firm has access to a global network of vendors, service providers and capital, all of which are in active pursuit of IP that needs help becoming commercialized. Whether looking for partnerships to help bring your IP to market, or to sell your portfolio outright, JAA can bring this network to the table.

Advisor & Board Member

For many years, Jon Arnold has served either as an Advisor or board member for a number of tech/telecom companies. In this capacity, Jon adds value via his deep industry experience, wide network of contacts, business strategy acumen, and objectivity as an independent analyst. Jon is open to taking on new roles in this regard, but only on a select basis.


Strategy Development + Implementation

Companies can engage JAA here in two different ways. For early stage needs, JAA can work on a retainer basis to develop business strategy, either in crafting a complete plan or in an advisory capacity to help an internal team create their plan. A second scenario would be a separate retainer engagement where JAA would serve as a virtual team member with a clearly-defined role around strategy implementation. Ideally, JAA would be engaged for both scenarios, but could also work for either one.

Financial Community Consultations

JAA has been providing these consultations via Expert Networks for more than 12 years. These are usually telephony-based, where members of the financial community seek JAA’s independent insights to guide their investment decisions. Other engagements include providing onsite presentations about industry trends/opportunities to an investment team, performing custom research for deeper analysis, and due diligence on specific companies. Well-known Expert Network communities served by JAA include Gerson Lehrman Group, Coleman Research Group, DeMatteo Monness, and Guidepoint Global Advisors.