Trends in communications technology, JAA video interview conducted by Chris Henry of the FOX Group at the Telecom 2015 conference


Kevin Patrick Robbins

I'VE BEEN A PHOTOGRAPHER FOR AS LONG AS I CAN REMEMBER. CAPTURING THE ESSENCE OF A PERSON ON FILM, AND THEN IN PIXELS, HAS BEEN A DRUG OF MINE SINCE I WAS 12. I honed my skills shooting news photos at Brock University and working at a daily newspaper in Southern Ontario. I was inspired by the work of Platon, Annie Leibowitz and Richard Avedon. In my photography, I strive to capture an attitude, a moment of clarity, a glimmer of truth. Whether I'm shooting headshots for actors, portraits for magazines, or a landscape photo for a frame and a wall, what guides my eye is the authenticity of the moment. As an improv comedian, I've been performing, teaching, coaching and directing since 1999. My ability to bring levity, energy and enthusiasm to almost any situation has helped behind the camera. People have a tendency to freeze up in front of the camera, and I have the skills to help loosen them up and relax, to feel confident and at ease in a matter of minutes. Most folks call me KPR, you can call me Kevin.