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Jon Arnold, Principal

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"Jon is one of the few analysts that understood VoIP early on and hes continued to build a wealth of expertise on the business issues and strategies in this arena. Weve known Jon for some years now and always rely on him as an expert in the evolving VoIP landscape."
Andy Randall
VP of Marketing, MetaSwitch
"XConnect has worked with J Arnold & Associates since its early days, and I have found Jon to be a valuable resource on many levels. Aside from really understanding our market, he's on top of the trends that are important to us, and his industry contact network has helped us accelerate the development of some key relationships for our growth."
Eli Katz
Founder and CEO, XConnect
"Jon has tracked VoIP for several years, and knows the market as well as anyone. He's adept at picking up trends early, and understands where the business opportunities lie. With his wide contact network, Jon has provided tremendous value by putting the right parties together at the right time."
Robert Mimeault
CEO, Versatel Networks
"Jon Arnold has broad knowledge of the VoIP equipment and services markets, and is a perceptive analyst of trends and strategy in this rapidly changing arena."
Charlotte Wolter
Editor-in-Chief, New Telephony
"I've followed Jon's work for several years, and he brings a strong understanding of where VoIP has come from and where it's going. He's an excellent resource and maintains a rich network of contacts throughout the industry. Its an absolute pleasure to work with Jon."
Sarah Hofstetter
President, Kayak Communications
"Jon has a way of making complex matters like IP telephony seem simple, without making them simplistic. I often turn to him for thoughts about the telecommunications industry and come away with unique insights."
Stefan Dubowski
Editor, Decima Telemanagement Magazine
"If you want to learn about the latest in Canadian IP communications, contact Jon. He keeps a finger on the pulse of the industry."
Henry Dortmans
President, Angus Dortmans Associates Inc.
"Jon Arnold has one of the best minds in the business. Jon's insight on the evolving VoIP and IMS markets has been invaluable to Netcentrex. Both in his previous life at Frost & Sullivan, and now as an independent, we have found Jon's consulting services and research to be top-notch."
Brian Mahony
VP Marketing, Netcentrex, Inc.
"I have known and worked with Jon Arnold for several years; knowing him is a true pleasure, and working with him is a professional delight. I have found Jons work to be of the highest quality, and his passion for our industry unmatched. Jon clearly defines vision and direction in a often complex and misunderstood industry."
Mark McIlvane
CEO, Personeta
"Jon is the premiere analyst covering the Services over IP market today. His knowledge of vendor roadmaps and service provider deployments is the deepest in the industry."
Sue OKeefe
Publisher, Telecommunications Magazine
"Jon has been active in the VoIP space for a long time. He has visibility into a vast array of companies in this space and has a great ability to ferret out information. Perhaps his greatest strength is his ability to effectively communicate the value of complex, and emerging technology through his excellent writing and verbal skills."
Neal Shact
CEO, Communitech Services
"Insightful, thorough, connected and always ready to consider new technologies and their impact Jon has been and continues to be an invaluable resource to me and to my business."
Alain Fernando-Santana
Chief Marketing Officer, Envivio
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