Nextiva - Kawasaki and the Woz - My Conference Takeaways on UCStrategies

Last week's Nextcon16 was Nextiva's coming-out party for analysts, and they did a great job. They have ambitious plans with their NextOS platform, and we'll be watching that closely as it comes to market.

Aside from getting to know the company a lot better, there were great keynotes, most notably from Guy Kawasaki and Steve Wozniak. Both had strong messages that speak well to where Nextiva is going, and wearing my UC Expert hat, I pulled all that together in my latest UCStrategies post. It's running now, and I hope you like it. Sharing is encouraged, and your comments are welcome as always.

My Next Webinar - Choosing the Right Partner for VoIP

This week marks the start of my "busy season" where I'm either speaking at or attending industry events, and I've already got my calendar mapped out through December. I'd be happy if nothing else comes up between now and year-end, but that's wishful thinking, and wouldn't be good for business.

Along the way, I have to get paid work done of course, and that includes webinars. I've another one coming up with Ziff Davis, and the title in this post is pretty self-explanatory. These webinars consistently draw well, and am looking forward to the next one, which will be Tuesday, October 4. If the topic is of interest, I hope you'll register and join me then. I'll post about it again as the date approaches, but to sign up right now, here's the landing page with all the details.

Next Up - Speaking at Metaswitch Canada Technology Day

It's been a great summer, and now a busy fall awaits. I have three consecutive events coming up where I'm speaking, starting with this one.

Next Wednesday, Sept. 14, Metaswitch is hosting another edition of their Canada Technology Day event, and I'm returning again to speak. This time around, my topic will be "Delivering Value Beyond VoIP", with perspectives on how Canadian service providers can be more successful offering IP communications to their customers.

If you're attending, I hope to see you there, and I'll be presenting at 10:15. All the details have been posted here, in the Event Calendar section of my website.

Our UCStrategies Podcast - Gartner's UC Magic Quadrant

That's the subject of our latest UCStrategies Industry Buzz podcast, and needless to say there were lots of perspectives from the group. If you want to know the latest state of enterprise UC, the Gartner MQ is required reading, and for the most part, there were no surprises.

Needless to say, this is really just one slice of the UC pie - it may be the biggest, but it doesn't really reflect all the disruption that keeps our community busy and gainfully employed. To me, that's where the podcast gets more interesting, and I really hope you give it a listen. It's certainly one of our most popular podcast topics, and you can access it here from the portal.

Aside from my comments on the podcast - at the 11:56 mark - much of this was amplified in my latest UCStrategies post, titled "Tomorrow's UC - Nobody's Talking About Voice", and you might enjoy that as well. And if you do, feel free to share!