Enterprise Connect 2019 - $500 Extra Savings on Early Bird Rate Until Jan. 11

I don’t write time-sensitive posts often, but if you’re thinking about going to Enterprise Connect in March, this post is for you.

The early bird pricing ends this Friday - Jan. 11, and it’s a hefty discount. As a speaker, I can extend an add-on discount of another $500 savings, so combined, that’s a really nice incentive.

If that does the trick to get you registered this week, here’s the link to use, and you’ll be all set. After Jan. 11, prices go up, but my $500 discount can still be applied if you use this link.

While I have you, details about my speaking spot are here, and I’ll have more detail on that soon.

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Newsletter Time - January 2019 Edition

Another month, and another newsletter - JAA’s Communication and Collaboration Review. I started this last year, and it’s slowly taking on an identity. Very few people really know what indie analysts do, and even fewer have a sense of our range of services, or my entrepreneurial style. If that’s you, and if I’ve piqued your interest, just click here to subscribe, and then I won’t have to explain myself anymore!

The current edition went out via email to my subscribers today, and I’ve already had some nice feedback. Good to know people are reading it, and enjoying the content. Chris Fine and I have put together another timely podcast that we think you’ll enjoy, and I also did a year-end summary of all my activity for 2018. As always, your support is appreciated, and feel free to share with others and hopefully they’ll subscribe as well.

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December Writing Roundup

As 2018 closes out, my writing output has eased up a bit, but things will certainly be picking up in January. Here’s a digest of my December writing, and if you like what you see, I’d enjoy hearing from you. There will be plenty more to write about in 2019, so I hope you keep following me here.

Two Key Use Cases of Blockchain in Communications, TechTarget, Dec. 26

What are Speech Technology Applications Beyond Contact Centers?, TechTarget, Dec. 19

The Bigger Picture for Cloud and the Contact Center - Part 1 of 3, Toolbox.com, Dec. 12

Vonage Analyst Day - Showing a Strong Hand, my blog, Dec. 10

Death of the PBX, Part 2 - Why Move to IP Telephony?, Toolbox.com, Dec. 5

Should Collaboration Apps be Standalone or Integrated?, TechTarget, Dec. 3

Sharing my Latest Podcast - Spotlight on Twilio

If you subscribe to my newsletter, you likely would have taken in this podcast by now, but for everyone else, this is being shared for the first time.

I meant to post this a few weeks back, but it didn’t happen, and since the podcast was mainly built around my takeaways from their SIGNAL conference, it’s not super-timely. However, Chris and I do speak more broadly about Twilio’s momentum and what makes them disruptive to us.

If you’re not a regular here, let me explain. Our podcasts are exclusive to subscribers, but I recently decided to cap that period to a couple of weeks, after which I would share it here to reach a broader audience. So, the benefit for subscribers is getting the podcast ahead of the pack, plus all the regular content that always remains just for that audience.

I realize that this approach isn’t ideal for podcasts that cover timely topics like conference recaps. However, if you’re new to the space or the company hosting the conference, the podcast will definitely have value. That said, our podcasts aren’t always tied to specific events, and I’ll do my best to get them shared on a more timely basis.

Perhaps if/when I start attracting big-time sponsors, I’ll find a better way, but for now, all I can do is put it out there, and get back to working on the new stuff! So, here you go, and if you like it, let me know - and feel free to suggest topics you’d like to see us cover.


Enterprise Connect 2019 - Am Speaking There Again

Just doing an early shout-out for Enterprise Connect 2019, coming this March in Orlando.

Will have more updates soon, but in short, I’m doing an update version of my talk last year on the state of speech technology. Details on that are here, and if this leads you register, I can get you a $500 discount - just ask for how. March sounds far away, but it will be here soon, and as my research for my talk progresses, I’ll have more updates to pass along here.

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