Enterprise Connect 2019 - My 3 Writeups

If you haven’t heard by now, last week’s Enterprise Connect was their biggest and best yet, and no matter where you are on your digital transformation journey, there were important takeaways. This time around, I did something different, and have a compiled a series of writeups that have been published on GetVoIP.com. There are three running now, and a few more are in the works for later this week. Yes, there really was that much to talk about.

Before getting to those, to me, this photo below says a lot about how complex the collaboration space has become, especially for decision-makers. I’m a marketing guy at heart (at least that’s what my MBA says), and when every available surface or space above is for sale at the Gaylord, you get some strange juxtapositions.

This one caught my eye right away, and it’s a great example of conflicting messaging that must drive buyers crazy. On the left is RingCentral’s banner proclaiming their new branding: “One Customer Experience”, and on the park bench, we have Poly with their new-name branding: “The Power of Many”. I know they’re talking about different things, but it’s hard not to do a double-take seeing ads these side-by-side. Hopefully, after reading my writeups, this will be crystal clear. :-)

Oh, if you like this photo, I have many more to share, and will include some in my next newsletter (here’s how to subscribe).

EC19_Ring and Poly.jpg

Speaking of my writeups, here’s what’s running now on GetVoIP.com, and your comments and sharing are welcome.

March 20 - Team Collaboration Growing Pains

March 22 - Enterprise Connect Fireside Chat - Zoom, RingCentral, Twilio

March 25 - Microsoft Teams Update From Enterprise Connect

Next Stop - Washington DC and Wildix Convention

Busy week on the road, with Enterprise Connect being the main event. I’ve been in Orlando since Sunday night, and then flying to Washington, DC later today for the Wildix Convention. They’ve embraced WebRTC to power their UC offerings, and this event is about helping their channel partners sell more successfully. I’ll have more to say about them once I’m there, and there are more details about their conference on my Event Calendar page.

Enterprise Connect Shout-Out #2 - Am Speaking at SCTC’s Lunch Session

Enterprise Connect will be here before you know it, and once things start, it becomes a blur pretty fast. I’ll be flying to Orlando on Sunday, and will be there til things wrap up Thursday afternoon.

I posted the other day about my main speaking spot - speech tech and AI in the enterprise - and if you missed that, here’s the post. That talk is Tuesday morning, first thing at 8am, so don’t sleep in!

Later on Tuesday, I’ll be doing my second talk as part of a lunch and learn session run by the SCTC, for which I’m a member. The session is primarily for the consulting community, especially those who are not SCTC members. Others are welcome, though, and the details are here.

I’ll be doing a brief presentation on key trends around digital transformation and AI, along with how consultants can add value to their clients in these areas. If that primer helps get you to come out and join us, great - see you there.

SCTC standard logo color.jpg

RingCentral - My Analyst Event Takeaways on BCStrategies

Another week, another conference. Sure is hectic leading up to Enterprise Connect next week, and I really wanted to get a writeup done now about last week’s RingCentral analyst day.

Was a long way to go for a one-day event, but the in-person updates were worth it. Definitely have a better sense now for why RingCentral has been growing so nicely, and where they believe things are going. I’ve summarized my thoughts on that for my latest BCStrategies post, and you can read it here now. As always, comments and sharing are welcome.

Ring_event sign.jpg

Speech Tech and AI in the Enterprise - Am Speaking at Enterprise Connect Next Tuesday

It’s crunch time for Enterprise Connect 2019, and there’s no end to speakers and sponsors touting their appearances at the conference.

Being an indie, I have to wear all the hats, so it’s time again to go into PR mode and make sure you know when and where I’m speaking. I’ve got two speaking spots, and am doing separate posts for each.

This post is for the main one, an update on speech tech and AI in the enterprise. Some of you saw me speak on that topic last year, and the organizers have asked me back from an update, so here I am.

My talk is titled Speech Technologies for the Enterprise: Market Update, and I’ll be at Osceola A at 8 am, Tuesday, March 19.

All the details are here, including a link to add the session to your planning calendar, and a discount for event registration if you haven’t done that already. Hope to see you there!

To get a better sense of what I’ll be talking about, my blog post from last week has links to my No Jitter preview article, and two podcasts - one with No Jitter, and one with BCStrategies.

EC19_Bannner Ad_Im Speaking_1200x630.jpg