2018 Business Comms Forecast - our Latest BCStrategies Podcast

Eventually, I'll transition fully from UCStrategies to BCStrategies, and hopefully this doesn't cause confusion. Two names, two websites, but the content is the same, and so are the people. Am hoping it will just be BCStrategies at some point in 2018, and I'm getting on the bandwagon now.

I stand corrected on my earlier blog post, saying that our podcast about Net Neutrality was the last one for 2017. Forgot about that one, and this one is our lookout for what 2018 holds for the always expanding/ever-confusing world of communications/collaboration/customer care.

Whatever you choose to call it, this podcast is a good roundup of analysts and consultants - myself included - who are all close to the trends shaping this space. I think you'll find it time well-spent, and here's the link to hear what we had to say. Feel free to add your take, and I'll be back to blogging early next week. Happy New Year!

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May Writing Roundup

If you follow me, you'll know the whole month has been non-stop, but aside from all the travel to conferences and speaking spots, I managed to keep a pretty full slate of writing going - mostly for clients, but also for my own blogging. Here's a digest of my activity, and that will give you a sense of the trends I'm seeing in the collaboration and customer care spaces right now.

Tech Leader Talk - Digital and Customer Experience: Are We There Yet? - Facebook link to live-streamed video, May 30, Schulich School of Business, Global Alumni Network 

NEC and Frank Viola - "Raising a Family" - My Q&A on Frank's Retirement, May 30, my blog

How Can Near Real-Time Communication Modes Offer Context?, May 25, TechTarget

CX17 - Genesys and ININ - Quick Take, May 25, my blog

Thinking Clearly About the Cloud for Collaboration, May 23, Toolbox.com

Our Drivers of the Digital Economy Event - Thanks for Coming all!, May 17, my blog

Messaging, Slack and Facebook - It's Complicated, May 15, Internet Telephony Magazine (am also cited in three other articles in their Q2 edition - links are here)

Vertical Market Collaboration Scenarios - Healthcare, May 12, Toolbox.com

NEC Advantage 2017 - Quick Update, May 12, my blog

Takeaways from Cisco's Customer Care Analyst Event, May 10, UCStrategies

Assessing the Total Impact of Digital Transformation, May 8, Toolbox.com

How the Customer Journey Drives CX, May 2, Toolbox.com

Messaging, Chatbots, AI - Finding the Enterprise Opportunity, May 2, No Jitter

Go Time for May - First Stop, Montreal and Cisco

I'm in Montreal about to start Day 2 for Cisco's 2017 Customer Care Analyst event. Been really good so far, and more to come today. I'll be writing about this shortly, so stay tuned.

After this, I'm in Phoenix for NEC's event next week, then I'm speaking in Toronto for a networking event hosted by Jeff Pulver about the chatbot/AI space. Week after that, I'm in Indy for the Genesys/ININ event, plus am playing piano there as part of the SIPtones - that should be fun. Following that, I'm speaking again in Toronto at a networking event hosted by my MBA alma mater, Schulich, running a roundtable discussion about digital transformation. 

Something different every week this month, so never dull, that's for sure. Somehow, I'll get my regular set of writing done, along with finishing off two white papers and prepping for a webinar I'm doing later this month. It's go time, and the Cisco folks are ready to start here - out for now, back soon.

April Writing Roundup

Well, this must be the longest I've ever gone without blogging - my last post was a month ago, doing my March writing roundup. Wow, time sure flies!

I had no business travel in April, but was away on vacation for 9 days, and had a more than full writing schedule, including writing two white papers, and prepping for several upcoming conferences and speaking spots. So, no blogging for April, but here's a digest of what I was writing about.

How CX Impacts the Entire Business, April 28, Toolbox.com

How to Get Management's Buy-In for Today's Contact Center, April 27, RingCentral blog

Does Your Business Have a CX Strategy?, April 20, Toolbox.com

Messaging Platforms Flout Traditional Real-Time Telephony, April 19, TechTarget

Three Things End Users will Like About Today's IP Phones, April 12, Toolbox.com

IP Phones are Hot - What's Up with That?, April 7, Toolbox.com

How Will AI Tools Affect the Future of Contact Centers?, April 6, TechTarget

What Businesses Think About Collaboration Technologies, April 4, Toolbox.com

March Writing Roundup

Things continue to remain busy in the early goings of 2017; fulfilling client work, new projects/clients, speaking at conferences and lining up new things for Q2. During March, I produced 21 different forms of content, including articles, a webinar, a conference presentation, and preliminary research for two new white papers. My website remains a work in progress, but everything can be accessed there. To give you a sense of what I was writing about last month, here are some highlights.

Monage 2017 - Chatbot Challenges and New Life for UC, UCStrategies, March 27

How Workers Use Collaboration for Digital Transformation, Toolbox.com, March 23

Monage, San Jose - Quick Thought and Pix, my blog, March 23

Have Mobility and Messaging Trumped Business Voice Communications?, TechTarget, March 22

How Collaboration Impacts Digital Transformation, Toolbox.com, March 17

How Contact Center Adds Value to Hosted UC, Toolbox.com, March 15

Amazon Chime - Did AWS Buy the Wrong Company?, No Jitter, March 14

Outbound Communication - Taking Your Contact Center to the Next Level, RingCentral Blog, March 14

Future of Work Survey - Cloud Adoption Drivers, Toolbox.com, March 6

How Channels Can Own Collaboration, Toolbox.com, March 2