What a Restaurant Can Teach You About Collaboration - My Latest on No Jitter

Wow - been almost two weeks since my last blog post! Let’s just say I’ve been pretty busy writing and getting some new projects going. Also have four June events starting Monday, plus a personal trip that month, so it never ends.

With that said, my latest No Jitter post is running now, and as the title suggests, it reflects my unconventional perspective on collaboration. If you attended Slack’s recent Frontiers event, this will make perfect sense; otherwise, you’re just going to have to read it to find out for yourself. After that, sharing would be great, and your thoughts would be welcome as always.


Guest Post for Talkdesk - WFM: the Customer is Always Right

Those who follow my blog and/or newsletter will know that I get approached to write guest posts for vendor sites, When the stars line up, I’m happy to oblige, and Talkdesk is the latest example. We’ve been exploring various ways of working together, so this is hopefully the first of many posts you’ll see from me with them.

My first guest post is about their recently-announced workforce management offering, and what their cloud-native approach brings to this core building block for contact centers. The title will make sense once you read the post, and it first ran here on Talkdesk’s website. To give it broader exposure, I’m posting about it here, so if you missed it the first time around, here’s your second chance. As always, comments and sharing are welcome.


Newsletter Time Again - May Issue

By now, my subscribers will have the current newsletter in their email, and if you’ve had a chance to check it out, I’d love to hear your thoughts. For everyone else, I welcome you subscribe to get some things you just won’t get anywhere else - our latest podcast, some interesting photos, and perspectives on what I’m seeing and doing in the collaboration space. That’s all for now, and if you want to get the May issue and future issues, here’s where to sign up.

Newsletter image.jpeg

New Podcast to Share - Enterprise Connect - and New Website Feature

So, if you’re still wondering what the buzz was about at Enterprise Connect, you’ll want to check out our last podcast, which is now being publicly shared.

For those who don’t get my newsletter, let me explain, plus I have some good news.

My newsletter is coming up on its first anniversary, and a regular feature is a podcast that I do with long-time colleague, Chris Fine. We’ve been in the communications tech space almost 20 years, and always have perspectives to share on the latest trends, and we often discuss conferences we’ve just attended.

The podcasts are exclusive to subscribers for a couple of weeks, and then I share them publicly so they can reach a broader audience. So, if you got the April newsletter, you would have heard the podcast then, when it was much more in the moment.

Normally, I would have shared it publicly a week or two ago, but I’ve had back-to-back events, and just haven’t had the time - sorry about that! Since then, however, I’ve managed to finally add a new section to my website - it’s an archive for all our podcasts up til the last newsletter issue. As each month passes, that will be updated, so by going to this section, you can access the latest podcast, along with what’s come before.

My website has been a work in progress for a long time, and I have other updates coming. Next will be a newsletter archive, so, much like the podcasts, you can review older issues from my site. Many of you know that I’m a music guy, and I’m also working on adding a section where you can check out clips of our band, the SIPtones, which is a group of industry consultants - and me - that plays at some of our industry events. Need a band for your next event?

Time to get back to work, and the Enterprise Connect podcast. I’ve got two links to leave you with, and I hope you get to both of them. First is the link to the podcast archive, where you can access them all up til last month, including Enterprise Connect. Then, there’s a link to sign up for my newsletter - if you did that, you wouldn’t have to wait so long for the podcast - so what are you waiting for?

Link to the podcast archive

Click here for newsletter sign-up form

That’s it. All done here in Washington DC with Ribbon, and it’s time to head to the airport. If you like my photos, btw, I posted a bunch from our city tour on Facebook - so look for me there if interested. At some point, I’ll probably add a photo archive to my website - would that be of interest?

Ok - so, here’s one photo from the city tour. He sure was a big reader, and I just know he would have subscribed to my newsletter - just sayin’…..


Slack - Got Their Mojo Workin' - My Thoughts on BC Strategies

On Friday, I managed to post a gallery of photos from Slack Frontiers before flying home. Now I’ve had a chance to write out my thoughts, and they’re running now on BC Strategies, which is one of the hats that I wear. Having announced their IPO plans on Friday, all eyes are now on Slack, and if that’s of interest, I think you’ll like my writeup here, and hopefully my photos too.

BC Strategies Logo 1-19-2018.png