Sharing my Latest Podcast - Spotlight on Twilio

If you subscribe to my newsletter, you likely would have taken in this podcast by now, but for everyone else, this is being shared for the first time.

I meant to post this a few weeks back, but it didn’t happen, and since the podcast was mainly built around my takeaways from their SIGNAL conference, it’s not super-timely. However, Chris and I do speak more broadly about Twilio’s momentum and what makes them disruptive to us.

If you’re not a regular here, let me explain. Our podcasts are exclusive to subscribers, but I recently decided to cap that period to a couple of weeks, after which I would share it here to reach a broader audience. So, the benefit for subscribers is getting the podcast ahead of the pack, plus all the regular content that always remains just for that audience.

I realize that this approach isn’t ideal for podcasts that cover timely topics like conference recaps. However, if you’re new to the space or the company hosting the conference, the podcast will definitely have value. That said, our podcasts aren’t always tied to specific events, and I’ll do my best to get them shared on a more timely basis.

Perhaps if/when I start attracting big-time sponsors, I’ll find a better way, but for now, all I can do is put it out there, and get back to working on the new stuff! So, here you go, and if you like it, let me know - and feel free to suggest topics you’d like to see us cover.


Preview Q&A Interview for TMC's Future of Work Expo

It’s busy enough with 3 conferences coming this month, but this is a good time to get the word out about another one in late January. While 2019 seems far off, it really isn’t, and planning for the Future of Work Expo has been underway for a while. In fact, the program is largely in place, but as co-chair, if you strongly feel you should be speaking and/or sponsoring, please drop me a line.

To give you a better sense of what to expect there, I just completed a Q&A with TMC’s Paula Bernier, the other co-chair for FoW Expo. There’s more to come about the Expo, but hopefully her interview with me will help you decide in favor of joining us in Fort Lauderdale in the depths of winter.


October Writing Roundup

Had a very heavy month fulfilling client work, along with attending two conferences - and a long drive to Florida for a family visit. Life happens, and there wasn’t much room for writing, but here’s what I’d like to share for October for those who want to read more of my work.

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Twilio SIGNAL - Day 2 Thoughts and Pix - OK Go, and do you Believe in Magic?

Can’t remember the last conference that hit the ground running with intensity, passion and creativity - and stayed there end to end. That’s been the vibe here, certainly for the general sessions on both days. It was enough just to keep up taking notes and posting some pix on social, and for now, I’ll be short, just like my Day 1 post. I need to digest and recover from two weeks of steady travel, but my considered thoughts will be coming soon. Until then, some Day 2 pix.

First, there is a really strong vibe here, not just for being socially conscious, but for social justice. For left-leaning liberals, Twilio is your kind of culture - Trump not spoken here. This was best exemplified by Erin Reilly, their VP of Social Impact and GM of They’re not just talking about this stuff, but they’re doing a lot about it. Check our her “I am a Voter” t-shirt (worn by other Twilio speakers, including Jeff Lawson), and her social experiment with texting to see how many in the audience agree with her - love it. They’re also using their messaging platform to help people in need, especially the disadvantaged, like those subject to racial profiling or immigrants facing deportation. Pretty strong, but inspiring stuff.

On the fun side, SIGNAL did not lack for star power and cutting edge technology. First, Tony Hawk, who sure has inspired a few generations of skateboarders. He’s a legend, but not that recognizeable, so the running joke is that people think he looks like Tony Hawk - check out this tweet that shows what he’s talking about - hah! Then we had the creators of West World, Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan - cool. Even cooler, we were treated to an amazing “performance” by OK Go. I would need a whole post to break down all the things they did, but let’s just say, as developers, they mixed technology and music in a really creative manner that involved all of us, and all of our mobile devices. Tough act to follow!

Finally, magic was a big theme at SIGNAL, beginning with a cool demo from a magician who made the mobile phones of two strangers call each other simply by touching their index fingers together. Pretty impressive way to show the power of human connection, and there was more magic to follow. Now, check this out - CEO Jeff Lawson wearing the AR/VR goggles and doing a demo with Magic Leap. In the third photo, he’s doing a virtual chat with Magic Leap’s Rony Abovitz. The two avatars are chatting and interacting in real time, while Jeff and Rony are speaking from different physical locations. Jeff says this is the first time an avatar chat has EVER been done in real time in front of an audience. Aren’t we special, and isn’t that some kind of magic?

Next Stop - San Francisco for Twilio

Following my last blog post, this is “next stop” #2 for the week. I was in Dallas - still am, actually, about to board an early flight to SFO - for Mavenir’s analyst day, and now I’m heading to Twilio’s SIGNAL event in San Francisco. If the flight is on time and my Uber ride goes to plan, I should be there in time for the opening keynote at 10am.

More details are here on the Event Calendar section of my website, and I’ll be happy to be home Friday night. That’s enough excitement for me this week, but I’ll keep writing and posting about the event as time allows.