Newsletter Time - October Issue Out Now

The October issue of JAA’s Communications and Collaboration Review went out yesterday to subscribers, I’m in my second year with the newsletter, and it continues to evolve. If you don’t know, the main feature is our podcast, Watch This Space, which I do with long-time colleague Chris Fine. The podcast is exclusive to subscribers for a couple of weeks, after which it gets posted to the podcast archive on my website, and is then for all to access.

This time around, Chris and I talk about some excerpts from Mary Meeker’s current Internet Trends Report. We’ve been reviewing this annual report for a few years now, and it always has fascinating data on trends that are defining our digital economy. For the current edition, our focus is data that sheds light on just how effective the freemium model has become, and it’s certainly working well in the collaboration space. If you want to check out our podcast now, you just need to sign up here as a subscriber, and you’ll get this and future editions in your email inbox around this time every month.

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New Videocast Coming - DojoLIVE! - Collaboration and the Digital Workforce

Just a heads-up about something new and different. I’ve been invited by the folks at Nearsoft to be a guest on an upcoming live streaming video interview session. Their vision for this broadcast series is “tech without borders - stories that bring us together” - I’m good with that, and I’ll be talking about the role collaboration technologies plays in today’s digital workplace.

It should be fun, and I hope you can join us - Wednesday, October 23 at 4pm ET.. Details are here, and I should have more info soon about how to register.

Next Stop - Plano, TX and Mitel

I’ve had a good run of staying close to home, but starting Monday, travel season kicks in for me. The road begins with Mitel’s Analyst and Consultant Summit in Plano, Texas. Definitely looking forward to that, and as luck would have it, they’re taking us to the ball game on Tuesday night, and yes, the Rangers are playing my Red Sox. I will be appropriately attired, so planning for baseball will loom large in my packing plans.

Unless plans change - and they always do - starting with Mitel, I will have travel in my schedule for every week through til December 1, with only two weeks in that stretch that I’ll be home. Good thing I just bought a new roller bag. Awayyyyyy we go…..


Newsletter Time Again - September Issue

Just thought I’d share this before the week is out. The current edition of my newsletter - JAA’s Communications and Collaboraiton Review - went out to subscribers yesterday. If you’ve had a chance to check it out yet, I’d love to hear your thoughts, and for everyone else, subscribing is real easy - just go here.

Aside from the regular content recapping highlights from my research and industry activities, is our monthly podcast - Watch This Space. I do these in conversation with long-term colleague, Chris Fine, and this time around, our focus was on robocalling, which has been in the news lately on several fronts. The core issue is what I view as “restoring trust in telephony”, and it has major implications in our space, especially around customer care.

If that piques your interest to listen to our podcast right now, then the sooner you subscribe, the sooner you can do that. Otherwise, I’ll be postiing it publicly in a couple of weeks, where you can find it along with our earlier podcasts in the Podcast Archive on my website.

Also, if you’re new to our podcasts, I’ve recently added real-time transcription (shout-out to, where you have the option to read along if not convenient to listen. What’s really cool here is that by clicking on the transcript page, the words are highlighted in blue, so you can follow along in real time, word-by-word, both reading and listening.

The transcription isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty good, and I love doing this to showcase how good AI speech-to-text is getting. I don’t mind you seeing the typos - warts and all - since there will always to be tricky words and phrases that AI doesn’t quite catch - but once corrected, the learning gets hard-wired, and those errors don’t come back again.

Finally - I know, I know - we’ll soon be publishing our podcasts on public platforms like iTunes - it’s very much on the to-do list!

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August Writing Roundup

Aside from attending two industry events in August, it’s summer, and I was on vacation and largely offline for the last week of the month. This made for lighter-than-normal output on the writing front, but there was still a fair bit of activity, especially with some things that were in the works earlier, and found their way to being published in August.

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How UC Technology Works and Why You Need it, Tech Target, Aug. 12

My Q&A with Mavenir - Wireless Challenges for Security and Fraud, EM360, Aug. 9