Next Stop -San Francisco Area - Talkdesk and Zoom

Double-header this week, thanks to some last-minute jockeying with the folks at Zoom. Tomorrow I take an early flight to San Fran for Talkdesk’s analyst event, and will then join the tail-end of Zoom’s event on Wednesday in San Jose. It’s a long way to go for two days, but the learning will be good for both events, and I’ll have more to share soon after. As always, details of upcoming are in the Event Calendar section of my website.


RingCentral Analyst Day - Quick Take and Photos

Yesterday’s RingCentral analyst day sure was eventful, and I’ll have more to say about that in a follow on post. For now, it’s time to pack and head to the airport for my flight back. The partnership with Avaya was the big story, so you won’t have to look far for commentary, and I’ll be adding my thoughts in a few different places. For now, I’m just going to share some photos, and the rest will come over the next few days. The photos below are in carousel mode, so just mouse over the images to see the rest.

Above - Amrit Chaudhuri, CMO; Kira Makagon, Chief Innovation Officer; David Sipes, COO

The Avaya announcement - CEO Vlad Shmunis, along with Avaya CEO Jim Chirico, a joint exec panel, one of the slides telling the story

Customer panel moderated by Jose Pastor, customer showcase - Warriors new home, Chase Center, overall portfolio

September Writing Roundup

Another month, and another batch of writing - but also a batch of podcasts. I don’t usually include the latter in these roundup posts, but they’re another form of content in my mix of services. I’ve been doing a fair number of them lately, so I might as well include them here in case you missed them earlier.

Choosing the Right Partner for Cloud Services,, Sept. 30

Podcast - in Conversation with 2600Hz, Good News newsletter, September issue

What are the Benefits of Contact Center and UC Integration?, TechTarget, Sept. 26

Podcast with PGi - Defining Use Cases for a Great ROI on Collaboration, Enterprise Management 360, Sept. 20

3 Value Drivers for Messaging with Collaboration,, Sept. 18

EX + CX: Why They’re Better Together, podcast and guest post, RingCentral, Sept. 17

How Can You Restore Trust to Telephony?,, Sept. 12

How AI in the Workplace will Affect Collaboration and Job Performance, TechTarget, Sept. 10

The Case for Cloud Contact Centers, 3-part podcast series with Vonage/NewVoiceMedia, Enterprise Management 360, posted Sept. 4

Mitel Analyst and Consultant Summit - Quick Post and Pix

Just back from Mitel’s event in Plano, Texas, and it was time well spent. Event was short, but all the sessions were good, and their team was accessible and keen for our feedback. I’ll have more to say in a post coming a in a few days, and until then, here are some photos.

Below, CEO Rich McBee, CMO Wes Durow, and Katie Kregel’s panel session, Making the Right Cloud Choice.


Some slideware from the session: contact center portfolio summary, CloudLink overview, UCaaS competitive landscape (as defined by Mitel), enterprise architecture framework and key partners

This first photo is a bit cropped, but yeah, now THAT’s a power bar - more proof that everything IS bigger in Texas. Our big social outing, courtesy of Mitel’s box - off to the ballpark to see the Rangers, and - of course - my Red Sox. I came prepared, yup.

EX + CX: My Latest Podcast and Article with RingCentral

Thought leadership comes in many forms, and while I do a LOT of writing for my clients, I also do my share of podcasting. This won’t be news to my blog followers, so if you’re a more recent arrival, these are some of the ways I help vendors and cloud providers drive adoption of their technologies with end customers.

My latest update comes via the work I’ve been doing with RingCentral, where I’ve been a guest blogger off and on for some time. There are two new thought leadership offerings to share; namely an article of mine, and a podcast with me in conversation with RingCentral’s Robert Murphy and his Connection podcast series.

These pieces build on recent research done about the combined value of EX and CX - employee experience and customer experience. Each is important on its own, but they complement each other, which leads to greater agility, better productivity and happier customers.

The companion piece is our podcast, which covers this ground, but quite a bit more thanks to Robert Murphy’s thoughtful narrative. If the EX + CX equation piques your interest, I think you’ll find both of interest, and the starting point is here for the article. From there, you won’t have to look far for the podcast, but if you want to start with that, here’s the link.