Next Stop -San Francisco Area - Talkdesk and Zoom

Double-header this week, thanks to some last-minute jockeying with the folks at Zoom. Tomorrow I take an early flight to San Fran for Talkdesk’s analyst event, and will then join the tail-end of Zoom’s event on Wednesday in San Jose. It’s a long way to go for two days, but the learning will be good for both events, and I’ll have more to share soon after. As always, details of upcoming are in the Event Calendar section of my website.


Newsletter Time - October Issue Out Now

The October issue of JAA’s Communications and Collaboration Review went out yesterday to subscribers, I’m in my second year with the newsletter, and it continues to evolve. If you don’t know, the main feature is our podcast, Watch This Space, which I do with long-time colleague Chris Fine. The podcast is exclusive to subscribers for a couple of weeks, after which it gets posted to the podcast archive on my website, and is then for all to access.

This time around, Chris and I talk about some excerpts from Mary Meeker’s current Internet Trends Report. We’ve been reviewing this annual report for a few years now, and it always has fascinating data on trends that are defining our digital economy. For the current edition, our focus is data that sheds light on just how effective the freemium model has become, and it’s certainly working well in the collaboration space. If you want to check out our podcast now, you just need to sign up here as a subscriber, and you’ll get this and future editions in your email inbox around this time every month.

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New Videocast Coming - DojoLIVE! - Collaboration and the Digital Workforce

Just a heads-up about something new and different. I’ve been invited by the folks at Nearsoft to be a guest on an upcoming live streaming video interview session. Their vision for this broadcast series is “tech without borders - stories that bring us together” - I’m good with that, and I’ll be talking about the role collaboration technologies plays in today’s digital workplace.

It should be fun, and I hope you can join us - Wednesday, October 23 at 4pm ET.. Details are here, and I should have more info soon about how to register.

RingCentral Analyst Day - Quick Take and Photos

Yesterday’s RingCentral analyst day sure was eventful, and I’ll have more to say about that in a follow on post. For now, it’s time to pack and head to the airport for my flight back. The partnership with Avaya was the big story, so you won’t have to look far for commentary, and I’ll be adding my thoughts in a few different places. For now, I’m just going to share some photos, and the rest will come over the next few days. The photos below are in carousel mode, so just mouse over the images to see the rest.

Above - Amrit Chaudhuri, CMO; Kira Makagon, Chief Innovation Officer; David Sipes, COO

The Avaya announcement - CEO Vlad Shmunis, along with Avaya CEO Jim Chirico, a joint exec panel, one of the slides telling the story

Customer panel moderated by Jose Pastor, customer showcase - Warriors new home, Chase Center, overall portfolio

My Next Webinar - 5 Collaboration Challenges

Aside from writing and podcasting, I do my share of webinars, and it’s time for the next one. I do these fairly regularly with Ziff Davis/, and this time around, the focus will be on the major challenges facing businesses as they look to deploy some form of collaboration solution. The choices are vast, and the use cases are many, but most businesses don’t take a strategic approach to collaboration.

That’s what this webinar will address, and if you can join me, we’ll be doing this on Thursday, October 24 at 2pm ET. Registration details are here - hope you’ll dial in.

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