New Podcast to Share - Enterprise Connect - and New Website Feature

So, if you’re still wondering what the buzz was about at Enterprise Connect, you’ll want to check out our last podcast, which is now being publicly shared.

For those who don’t get my newsletter, let me explain, plus I have some good news.

My newsletter is coming up on its first anniversary, and a regular feature is a podcast that I do with long-time colleague, Chris Fine. We’ve been in the communications tech space almost 20 years, and always have perspectives to share on the latest trends, and we often discuss conferences we’ve just attended.

The podcasts are exclusive to subscribers for a couple of weeks, and then I share them publicly so they can reach a broader audience. So, if you got the April newsletter, you would have heard the podcast then, when it was much more in the moment.

Normally, I would have shared it publicly a week or two ago, but I’ve had back-to-back events, and just haven’t had the time - sorry about that! Since then, however, I’ve managed to finally add a new section to my website - it’s an archive for all our podcasts up til the last newsletter issue. As each month passes, that will be updated, so by going to this section, you can access the latest podcast, along with what’s come before.

My website has been a work in progress for a long time, and I have other updates coming. Next will be a newsletter archive, so, much like the podcasts, you can review older issues from my site. Many of you know that I’m a music guy, and I’m also working on adding a section where you can check out clips of our band, the SIPtones, which is a group of industry consultants - and me - that plays at some of our industry events. Need a band for your next event?

Time to get back to work, and the Enterprise Connect podcast. I’ve got two links to leave you with, and I hope you get to both of them. First is the link to the podcast archive, where you can access them all up til last month, including Enterprise Connect. Then, there’s a link to sign up for my newsletter - if you did that, you wouldn’t have to wait so long for the podcast - so what are you waiting for?

Link to the podcast archive

Click here for newsletter sign-up form

That’s it. All done here in Washington DC with Ribbon, and it’s time to head to the airport. If you like my photos, btw, I posted a bunch from our city tour on Facebook - so look for me there if interested. At some point, I’ll probably add a photo archive to my website - would that be of interest?

Ok - so, here’s one photo from the city tour. He sure was a big reader, and I just know he would have subscribed to my newsletter - just sayin’…..


Enterprise Connect 2019 - BCStrategies Podcast Recap

Enterprise Connect 2019 was so good that we’re still talking about it! Well, not exactly, but the BCStrategies team finally found a time last week to share our collective thoughts. Most of us have already said our piece - and my posts are easy to find here on my blog - but talking has a different vibe than writing, especially when we’re doing it as a group.

With that, our latest podcast is running now on the BCStrategies site, and if you’re wondering why Marty Parker says this year’s edition was the “best ever”, you’ll want to give this a listen.

BC Strategies logo 2017.png

New Podcast to Share - AI in the Workplace

If you don’t know, I publish a monthly newsletter - you can subscribe here - and a regular feature is a podcast segment I do with long-time industry colleague, Chris Fine. We’re getting the hang of doing these now, and to give our podcasts more exposure, I’m sharing them here a few weeks after the newsletter runs.

This time around, Chris and I touched on several aspects of AI that are finding their way into the workplace, along with his thoughts on the Team WX conference, and mine on the Cisco Collaboration Analyst Summit.

Before getting to that, here are a few updates coming on the newsletter front:

  • I’ve been doing the newsletter almost a year, and I’ll soon be adding an archive on the website for past issues

  • I’ll be doing the same for the podcasts, so there’s a separate archive for that coming very soon

  • Transcripts will be added to future podcasts - am hoping that will be in place for the April issue - more on that soon

With that housekeeping out of the way, here’s last month’s podcast - hope you enjoy it!

Enterprise Connect Preview on No Jitter - My Talk About Speech Tech in the Enterprise

One of the many writing hats I wear is that of a contributor to No Jitter. It’s actually under the BCStrategies banner, where six of us from that group are on a regular rotation to produce weekly posts for No Jitter. This week was my turn, and the timing was right to talk about what I’m going to be talking about at Enterprise Connect 2019 in Orlando a few weeks from now.

Last year, I gave a similar talk at the conference, which had introduced speech technology as a new track. It looks like the results were good, as it continues this year, and they’ve asked me back to give an update on the state of speech tech in the enterprise. Most of the action for speech tech is in the contact center - and there will be plenty of coverage for that during the conference - but there certainly are solid use cases emerging in the workplace.

The intersection of AI and speech is producing some interesting applications, and we’re very much at the beginning of what’s to come here. I’ll be providing several use case examples during my talk, along with my perspectives on bigger picture considerations when bringing these new capabilities into the workplace. If liked my approach to the topic last year, I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy this one too. My reference points are pretty unconventional, but I have a plan, and I think it’s a good plan.

To prime you even further for my session - it’s on Tuesday, March 19 at 8am - details here - I’ve got two things to share with you that were just posted on No Jitter.

First is the aforementioned article previewing my session, and you can read it here on No Jitter.

Second is a podcast that was recorded yesterday as a companion piece, where I was interviewed by No Jitter’s Beth Schultz., as part of their ongoing On Air podcast series. There’s a link to the podcast in the No Jitter article, and here’s a direct link to where it’s hosted in the Podcasts section of their website (registration required, sorry!).

I hope you check both of these out, and even better if you come see my talk! As always, comments and sharing are welcome, and if you still haven’t registered, there’s a $200 discount offer from No Jitter - details are at the end of my article.

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Another Podcast to Share - "I Demand the Cone of Silence!"

Happy 2019 all!

I know I’m dating myself here, but the Cone of Silence from Get Smart is pretty relevant for today’s workplace. It’s even less practical than the shoephone - naturally, it never worked - but the underlying need for a private conversation to discuss sensitive topics is becoming a real challenge with so much pervasive - and invasive - technology around us 24/7.

That’s the teaser for my most recent podcast that my newsletter subscribers receive. As I’ve been explaining with earlier newsletters, I’m keeping that particular content exclusive for subscribers for a few weeks, then it will be shared here to a broader audience.

I was remiss last month in doing that, so blog readers here are getting a double-shot of podcasts. Last week, I posted our podcast from the previous issue - talking about Twilio, including their SIGNAL conference - and I’m pleasantly surprised by how much traffic it’s drawing. Now I’m doing the same for last month’s newsletter, and you can listen by clicking on the embedded link down below.

Even if you’re too young to remember Get Smart , I think you’ll find our discussion of interest, and it goes well beyond the Cone of Silence. If you check it out, I’d love to hear your thoughts, along with suggestions for future podcast topics. And, of course, if you find this to be must-have content - and why wouldn’t you? - just sign up for the newsletter so you have it hot off the press. My January issue is going out this week, so there’s a brand new podcast just waiting to be heard!