Enterprise Connect 2019 - Am Speaking There Again

Just doing an early shout-out for Enterprise Connect 2019, coming this March in Orlando.

Will have more updates soon, but in short, I’m doing an update version of my talk last year on the state of speech technology. Details on that are here, and if this leads you register, I can get you a $500 discount - just ask for how. March sounds far away, but it will be here soon, and as my research for my talk progresses, I’ll have more updates to pass along here.

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My Latest Podcast - Adopting Collaboration in the Digital Workplace

Subscribers to my newsletter have already seen and/or heard this podcast, but for just about everyone else, this will be new. I produce a monthly newsletter updating my activities and sharing industry insights, including a podcast that I produce with colleague Chris Fine. Each month we talk about a current topic, or hot trend, or a recent industry event we’ve attended.

My newsletter content is exclusive to subscribers, and am happy to say that my base is steadily growing. We put a fair bit of effort into our podcast, though, and to give that particular form of content more exposure, I’m now going to share each one here, roughly a month after appearing in the newsletter. I think that’s fair, and am happy to share our perspectives with a broader audience.

That said, the rest of my newsletter content remains exclusive, so hopefully that’s enough to keeps things interesting for subscribers. If you want to become a subscriber - there’s no cost (and why wouldn’t you?) - sign-up forms are on my website, or you can just follow this link here.

If you just want to listen to our podcast from last month’s newsletter, here’s the story. The topic was a recent study produced by Aruba Networks about the digital workplace. I wrote two posts about it here and here, and the podcast gave Chris and I more runway to take a deeper dive. We hope you like it - feel free to comment, share, or suggest future podcast topics for us to cover. Thanks!

Sidebar #1 - my November newsletter will be going out next week, and the podcast topic for that issue will be a review of last month’s Twilio conference, SIGNAL 2018. Stay tuned, subscribers!

Sidebar #2 - I’ll soon be adding a section to my website to archive our earlier podcasts, so if you like this one, there will be others you may want to check out.

Preview Q&A Interview for TMC's Future of Work Expo

It’s busy enough with 3 conferences coming this month, but this is a good time to get the word out about another one in late January. While 2019 seems far off, it really isn’t, and planning for the Future of Work Expo has been underway for a while. In fact, the program is largely in place, but as co-chair, if you strongly feel you should be speaking and/or sponsoring, please drop me a line.

To give you a better sense of what to expect there, I just completed a Q&A with TMC’s Paula Bernier, the other co-chair for FoW Expo. There’s more to come about the Expo, but hopefully her interview with me will help you decide in favor of joining us in Fort Lauderdale in the depths of winter.


Next Stop - Nashville and Genesys CX18

Haven't blogged in a while, mainly due to being so busy. Last week was MoNage and Cisco's customer care event, and this week has been month-end writing, getting plans in place for next week's Genesys event, and practicing music for the SIPtones gig we have next Wednesday night during CX18. Also been very active developing new projects based on inquiries from recent industry events, so things are never dull here.

Just doing a quick shout-out now about next week's event, and I'll be there from Tuesday through Thursday. Details about the event and our SIPtones gig can be found in the Event Calendar section of my website. While there, I'll be tweeting as time allows - @arnoldjon - and you can follow the event feed at #CX18.

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Next Speaking Spot - MoNage - Emerging Communications and the Digital Workplace

Regular blog followers and/or subscribers to my newsletter will know that I've been speaking at and supporting Jeff Pulver's MoNage conference from the beginning. My history with Jeff goes back much further, and with MoNage still fairly new, it's small - but highly focused and definitely gaining momentum.

Feel free to search my blog about my earlier talks at MoNage, but it's time to talk up the Spring 2018 event. Details can be found in the Event Calendar section of my website - quickly, it's being held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA, and our talk will be at 10:30 next Wednesday. I'll be co-presenting on this topic with my long-time partner, Chris Fine.

If you're still considering attending, please contact me for a discount offer on the registration fee. Otherwise, you can review the program agenda here, and if you're joining us, I'd love to connect - I sure won't be hard to find, esp if using the social handles - @arnoldjon, @MoNageConf, #Monage 

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