ITExpo - Quick Pix

Will have more to say later, but for now, I just have time to share a few photos from the ITExpo, here in Fort Lauderdale. The show definitely looks and feels bigger than last year, and I see two reasons. One would be the ramped-up IoT conference that is co-located here. It's really taking a life of its own with a pretty substantial exhibitor roster that stands apart from the main show floor.

These exhibitors don't have much in common with the UC/VoIP crowd, and it's a reminder that communications is just a small slice of the IoT pie. It's also very interesting stuff, and I loved the drone on display - see last photo below. With a 10 mile range from the ground, powered by IoT - note the PC at the bottom of that photo showing the tracking data - you sure can do a lot of interesting things that are much more effective than using conventional approaches.

Another reason for the show being bigger is the larger number of regular ITExpo exhibitors. There just seems to be a greater variety, although still largely from the same categories we see every year. Most of my time has been spent in the press room doing briefings, , but the few sessions I've seen so far have been quite good. Friday is the last day, and I'll be busy moderating back-to-back panels, so this is my only window to post while I'm here. Below are a few photos to give you a flavor for this year's edition of the ITExpo.

ITExpo Shout-Out #2 - Panel Session: Emerging Technologies Influencing Your Business

Am moderating back-to-back sessions next Friday at TMCnet's ITExpo in Fort Lauderdale. Yesterday, I blogged about the first panel, and this one is at 11am. 

Emerging technologies covers a lot of ground, and I'll be joined by a diverse group who will have more than enough to talk about in the short time we have. Along with SAP, IBM Security and Plantronics, we'll have independent perspectives from Jeff Pulver and Chris Fine.

It will be a great way to wrap up the conference, and you won't be disappointed if you join us. More details are here on the Conference Program page - just scroll down to Friday in the Hot Topics in Tech and Telecom track.

ITExpo Shout-Out #1 - Panel Session: Customer Service, Evolved

TMCnet's flagship show, ITExpo gets underway next Wednesday, and I'll be there as usual. No complaints going to Florida in February, and I've got a full schedule of vendor briefings, meetings and am moderating two sessions.

The first one is on Friday at 10am, and as the title above suggests, we'll be discussing how technology is impacting customer service, and what businesses need to do to adapt. Joining me will be speakers from Plantronics, Telax, CGS and USAN. It's going to be good, and for more detail, scroll down the Conference Program page here, and when you get to Friday, look for us in the Enterprise Communications track. Hope you can join us!

ITExpo Preview - JAA Interviewed by TMC: "The Tech Road Ahead"

I started posting about the upcoming ITExpo recently, and will be doing more of that over the next two weeks. This is TMCnet's flagship event, and when the weather is this cold, Miami Beach can't come soon enough.

If you're keeping score, I'm moderating two panels, and you'll be hearing about those very soon. For now, I'm going to share an interview TMC did with me to help set the stage for ITExpo. It's titled "The Tech Road Ahead", where I share my views on various tech trends you can expect to see covered at length at the show. Here's the link, and if it inspires you to book your trip to join us, I'll buy you a fancy cocktail - and perhaps TMC will buy me one too!

ITExpo Session #3 - Big Data and the Customer Experience

Whether you believe Big Data will be a Big Nothing or a Big Deal, you'll want to join us as we talk about what this means for the "customer experience". I'm not sure which of these is the bigger buzzword right now, but the question of the day is "what's the connection?" I don't think anyone quite has the answer yet, but that's where the conversation is headed next Thursday at 12:30pm.

TMCnet's ITExpo East, 2014 edition is less than a week away, and if the cold weather has finally gotten to you, it's not too late to make plans for Miami Beach.

Once you're there, I hope you make time for our session, and joining me will be Brian Sadowski from Apriva, and Brian Spraetz from Interactive Intelligence. We're working on adding another speaker, and will pass that on once in place. For more details on the panel, scroll down the Program tab on the show site - we're part of the Customer Interaction track.