My Next Webinar - with 8x8: How SMBs Can Leverage Cloud for Collaboration

Here’s my first shout-out for this webinar, happening on Tuesday, Dec. 4. It’s based on a white paper I just completed for 8x8, focused on educating SMBs about how the cloud can take them much further than just replacing premise-based telephony.

There are many stories to be told, and I’ve addressed a few of them here following some industry-based research. The white paper will be available for download soon from 8x8, but the webinar is free for all. More details are here, along with the registration form - I hope you can join us.


My Next Webinar - Death of the PBX

October is zooming along, and this will be my third webinar for the month, so things have been pretty busy lately.

This time around, it’s another Ziff Davis/ webinar, with a topic that anyone in the telephony space should be interested in. For digital natives, the PBX has about as much utility as a fax machine or a home phone line, so Captain Obvious isn’t needed here. For everyone else, however, the PBX is still a mainstay, and the installed base - for better or worse - is still pretty large.

While the vendors aren’t making ‘em any more, the IP phone business is still going strong, so the “death” thing is a bit overstated. That’s the setup for my webinar, and if you want in, here’s the registration page. We’re doing this next Tuesday - Oct. 30 - at 2pm, and hope you can join us.


My Next Ziff Davis Webinar - 3 Collaboration Trends for 2018

Told you it was a busy month.  I've got two webinars coming up this month, and this one is with my mainstay, Ziff Davis. Being January, I've got another 2018 outlook theme, namely how three trends are now driving collaboration - chatbots/AI, messaging and the changing role of voice.

They're all connected, but each is having its own impact, and I'll be breaking that down, along with a review of the major consolidation moves from last year that are setting the table for 2018. Here's the registration page, and I'll do a couple more shout-outs to keep it on your radar.

JAA Subscriber Newsletter Launch

I've lost count tracking the time for getting this done, but it's finally launched. Many of you have signed up to get my JAA update newsletter, and the first one was sent moments ago via Mailchimp. Thank you all for subscribing, and many of you have been signed up for a long, long time.

Now that I've got this in place, you can look forward to regular updates, hopefully monthly, and things will definitely evolve as we go. I'll soon be adding a short podcast where I'll review current trends in tandem with a guest, and if you have ideas for topics, please let me know.

If you aren't a subscriber, I hope you sign up, and it's not hard to find a reg form here on my site to do so. Many of you follow my blog via RSS - nothing wrong with that, but I don't know who you are, and by subscribing, you'll get exclusive content that I won't be sharing on the blog. Your call!

For my subscribers, I hope you find the content interesting, and would love to hear your feedback, as well as any business challenges I could help you address.


Next Webinar - IP Phones are Hot - Who Knew?

Another month, another webinar. My busy-ness continues, and I've got another Ziff Davis webinar coming up. The date is Tuesday, June 27, and based on the title above, the topic should be self-explanatory.

It's easy to say we're in a post-PBX world, and if you've moved on to other things, you might be surprised to see that innovation is alive and well with desk phones. That's what I'll be addressing during the webinar, and with interest already strong, thought I'd start getting the word out now from my end. For more detail and how to register, here's the link, and I hope you can join us.