My Latest Cisco White Paper: AI in the Contact Center

If you follow me, you'll know I've been way busy lately. Included in that mix is a white paper I've been doing for Cisco. Everyone is trying to assess what AI can really bring to the contact center, and to help educate the market, they engaged me to produce this vendor-neutral white paper. My job is provide objective, balanced insights, and hopefully you'll reach that conclusion after giving it a read.

The white paper is publicly-available now on Cisco's website, and you can access it here, under the Cisco Finesse tab. Your comments and inquiries are welcome, and any sharing would be greatly appreciated.

White Paper thumb_Cisco_Feb 2018.png

My New White Paper - Real-Time Collaboration and Proactive Customer Service

Been plenty busy the past few months, and have just finished up white papers for two clients. One of them is CafeX, a contact center vendor I've been following for a while. They've developed some strong real-time applications with an analytics layer that can really help contact centers cope with today's CX requirements. 

The white paper is titled "The Value of Real-Time Collaboration and Analytics to Drive Proactive Customer Service", and was just launched yesterday. Here's the link to download it from their website, and if you do that, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

My New White Paper for Vonage Business: The Communications Gap

This is one of several posts I need to write to clear the backlog while the cutover was happening from my old blog to this new site where the blog has now been integrated. It will take some time for my followers to find their way here, but I can also tell you that the new site is broadening my reach, so I'm also adding new followers.

Aside from working on this new site, I've been plenty busy with client work, including Vonage Business. I'm doing few things with them, with the first being a white paper to help enterprises understand the business value of UC. 

The white paper is titled: "The Communications Gap - It's Business and It's Personal", and has been featured on their website since launching a few weeks back. Response so far has been great, and you'll be hearing more about it as their go-to-market campaign unfolds.

All the details about the paper are on the Vonage Business website under the Mid-Market and Enterprise tab. Once there, scroll down a bit, and you'll see references in a few places, including a  large-sized call-out quote from me, my photo and a registration page to download the paper. Here's the link, and it won't take long to find the details. Let me know if any difficulties, and can get you a copy if the registration isn't working for you.