ITExpo Preview #3 - The Rise of Messaging in the Enterprise

Here's the final preview post for the sessions I'll be moderating next week at ITExpo in Fort Lauderdale. We're getting our share of snow here in Toronto, so let's just say the change of scene will be nice!

This session will be on the Friday at 11am in Room 210, and joining me will be David Frankel of ZipDX, Brad Blanken of, and David Walsh of VoIP Innovations. More detail about the session and the expo in general can be found in the Event Calendar section of my website.

Also, for detail about the other two sessions I'm moderating, here are the blog posts from earlier this week. Otherwise, I hope to see you there, and to follow the event, the twitter hashtag is #ITEXPO2018.




ITExpo Preview #2 - How AI is Changing the Customer Experience

This is the second of three sessions I'll be moderating at next week's ITExpo in Fort Lauderdale. Yesterday, I posted about the first one, also on the same day, and general details about the expo and my overall schedule can be found on the Event Calendar of my website.

The AI session will be next Wednesday at 1pm, and we'll be in Room 209. We've got a full slate, and joining me will be Muthusamy Selvaraj from Carenection, Eric Bauer from AudioCodes, Brett Lancaster from Ricoh USA, and Bachir Halimi from Speech Mobility. This link will get you to the full details for our session, and while you're there, you can see what else is going on at the show.

Otherwise, I have plenty of meetings booked, but if you want to connect, I won't be hard to find.


ITExpo Preview #1 - Making Chatbots Your Most Valuable Asset

That's the title of the first panel I'll be moderating a week from now at TMC's ITExpo in Fort Lauderdale. All told, I'm moderating three sessions, and there's more detail here in a recent post on my blog.

Joining me on the chatbot session will be David Lee of RingCentral, and Akshay Sharma from neXt Curve, and we're hoping to add another speaker shortly. There's a lot of ground to cover, but basically, we'll talk about how to get beyond the science experiment stage to make chatbots a new driver of business value and deeper engagement with customers.

For those attending, we'll be in Room 209, starting at 10 - see you there!


Next Up - ITExpo, Ft. Lauderdale - Moderating 3 Sessions

There's something about Fort Lauderdale and February - sure works for me. That's the story for my next conference - TMC's ITExpo, and I'll be there from February 14-16. It's been a while since my last conference, but am not complaining as I've been full-out busy fulfilling client work the past few months.

Things ease up on that front after January, and starting with ITExpo, I have at least one conference happening each month through June, and others will certainly pop up along the way.

Speaking of TMC, you may not be aware that I've been writing a regular column for years for their flagship publication, Internet Telephony Magazine. It's one of several places I'm regularly published, and my latest Rethinking Communications column is running in their Q1 2018 issue.

This is my first shout-out for ITExpo, and I'll have specific posts coming about each session I'm moderating over the next week or so. For a snapshot of what I'll be up to there, details can be found on my Event Calendar page. I won't be hard to find  at the show, and if you want to connect, please drop me a line.



Why Did Cisco Buy BroadSoft? I Think Taher Behbehani Knows Why

It's been quite a week, starting with BroadSoft Connections in Phoenix, then MoNage in Boston. Been a big blur, but am back now, and along the way, I managed to write up my thoughts about the big news that dropped just ahead of the BroadSoft event about being acquired by Cisco. 

I hope the title of my post piques your interest, and if you read my latest analysis for UCStrategies (now branded as BC Strategies), the answer will emerge, along with many other thoughts that I think help explain what's behind the move. The post is running now on the portal, and while there, I welcome you to read my other posts, along with those of my fellow BC Expert peers, many of whom were also at BroadSoft's event.

BroadSoft Oct 2017.jpg