Cisco's Acquisition of BroadSoft - Our Podcast Analysis

If you haven't had your fill of what this deal means for the collaboration/UCaaS space, this should be your next stop. Wearing my UC Expert hat with UCStrategies, I've already written my perspective on the Cisco/BroadSoft deal, as have several of my peers. That post continues trending well, btw, and I welcome your comments if you give it a read.

Building on that, our latest podcast had a strong turnout among both analysts and consultants, and you won't find a stronger mix anywhere of people who know this space well, and really understand what's happening. The podcast has been posted now to our portal, and I think you'll find it time well spent.


October Writing Roundup

Was a busy month, with more travel than usual, and attending/speaking at four events. Also made some good behind-the-scenes progress on my website, and had a good jump in new followers for my blog.

I've been talking about providing regular - and exclusive - updates for my subscribers for some time, and it's looking good to finally get that going this month, so please bear with me. All of this has cut into my writing a bit, but here's what was keeping me busy on that front during October.

Understanding Cisco's Acquisition of BroadSoft - I Think Taher Behbehani Knows Why, UCStrategies, Oct. 27

How do Huddle Rooms Fit in Video Conferencing Strategies?, TechTarget, Oct. 25

Why is Walmart Using Facebook for Collaboration? Should You?,, Oct. 20

Why Messaging is the new Driver for Collaboration,, Oct. 16

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Market Analysis - How Mobility and Messaging are Transforming CX, JAA Blog, Oct. 3

Podcast - BC Summit Recap

The month has zoomed by, and the BC Summit was one of four events I attended and/or spoke at in October. Am glad to be done travelling for a while, but the BC Summit kicked the month off on a strong note.

As always, the mix of content was strong, and there was something for everyone.  Highlights have been posted already in written form, but we did a podcast as well, and it's finally been prepared for posting. You can access it now on our portal, and if you'd like to ask more questions, just drop me a line.


Why Did Cisco Buy BroadSoft? I Think Taher Behbehani Knows Why

It's been quite a week, starting with BroadSoft Connections in Phoenix, then MoNage in Boston. Been a big blur, but am back now, and along the way, I managed to write up my thoughts about the big news that dropped just ahead of the BroadSoft event about being acquired by Cisco. 

I hope the title of my post piques your interest, and if you read my latest analysis for UCStrategies (now branded as BC Strategies), the answer will emerge, along with many other thoughts that I think help explain what's behind the move. The post is running now on the portal, and while there, I welcome you to read my other posts, along with those of my fellow BC Expert peers, many of whom were also at BroadSoft's event.

BroadSoft Oct 2017.jpg

Next Stop - BroadSoft in Phoenix, then MoNage in Boston

Busy week ahead, with back-to-back conferences. On Monday, and for a bit of Tuesday, I'll be at BroadSoft Connections in Phoenix. I've been to several of their conferences in the past, but not recently, and am really looking forward to getting back. BroadSoft has really hit critical mass now, and I'm certain 2018 will be the year they decide whether to keep building on their momentum, or take an exit. Other players are in the same boat, and am sure the playing field will be smaller by this time next year.

I'll be dashing from Connections on Tuesday to Boston for Jeff Pulver's next MoNage event, where I'll be speaking along with Chris Fine on Wednesday morning. Just finishing up our presentation now.

As time allows, I'll be tweeting throughout the week, and for more details, please check the Events Calendar section of my website.

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