Next Webinar with Genesys - Exploring Options for Moving to the Cloud

Onwards and Cloudwards is how Genesys is framing the topic, and it should be a good one. These are heady times for the contact center, as the case for moving to the cloud seems to get stronger by the day. There’s still lots to think about, and to do this right, you need a plan. If you’re in that situation now, this is the webinar for you.

My followers will know that I’ve been doing several webinars lately, and this topic has definitely been keeping me busy. For this webinar, Genesys is the sponsor, and following my presentation, I’ll be joined by Barbara Gonzalez, their VP of Global Business Consulting.

Full details are here on the registration page, and if you’re coming, save the date - Wed, Oct.3 at 2pm ET. Genesys has been doing a great job promoting this on their channels, and I’ll be keeping that vibe going as we get closer to the date.

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AI, Chatbots and Business Success

I've just completed a series of writeups for Upstream Works on the growing role AI is playing in the contact center. The third and final Strategic Insight in this series can now be downloaded from their website, and I've written a blog post that serves as a preview for my analysis.

Before steering you there, in case you haven't been following this series, here's the preview post for the first writeup, and here for the second writeup. Each of these blog posts includes a URL where you can download the full analysis, and if you read these, I'd love to hear your thoughts - as would Upstream Works.

Coming back to the latest Strategic Insight, below is the opening para of the post now running on Upstream Works's blog - to read the rest, click here, after which I hope you download the full writeup.

Technology change presents both challenges and opportunities for all types of businesses, and over this three-part series, I’ve been addressing its impact on contact centers. In particular, I’ve been focusing on the emergence of Artificial Intelligence and the role chatbots can play in driving a better customer experience. The full potential will take years to realize, but there’s an urgency for contact centers to adopt new technology, and AI presents viable opportunities that can be deployed now.

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AI, Chatbots and Improving Customer Satisfaction

I've been working on a series of writeups for Upstream Works on the growing role AI is playing in the contact center. The second Strategic Insight in this series can now be downloaded from their website, and I've written a blog post that serves as a preview for my analysis.

Here's the opening para of that post, and you can read the rest here on the Upstream Works blog.

Contact centers are not alone in trying to keep up with fast-changing technology, but they face two distinct challenges that are highly related. First would be various constraints that limit their ability to provide agents with the tools needed to effectively support today’s tech-savvy customers. This challenge was addressed in my previous blog post, which in turn supports a deeper analysis that you can access here.

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Join Us - Fonolo's Next Google Hangout - Top Call Center Metrics

I've been following Toronto-based Fonolo for years, and they continue to stay on the leading edge of contact center technology. CEO Shai Berger hosts occasional Google Hangout panel discussions, and I'll be on the next one, taking place on May 31 at 3pm EST.

We'll be joined by Daniel Hong from Forrester, and Kevin Brown of Banner Health. This is a live broadcast, and to register, all the details are here.

My Latest Cisco White Paper: AI in the Contact Center

If you follow me, you'll know I've been way busy lately. Included in that mix is a white paper I've been doing for Cisco. Everyone is trying to assess what AI can really bring to the contact center, and to help educate the market, they engaged me to produce this vendor-neutral white paper. My job is provide objective, balanced insights, and hopefully you'll reach that conclusion after giving it a read.

The white paper is publicly-available now on Cisco's website, and you can access it here, under the Cisco Finesse tab. Your comments and inquiries are welcome, and any sharing would be greatly appreciated.

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