Being Strategic with Digital Transformation - My Latest on No Jitter

Digital transformation covers a lot of ground - it’s hard to know where to start, and even harder to know when the work is done. We all have a basic idea of the concept, but it’s pretty malleable, and that makes things difficult for IT when trying to lead a digital transformation initiative.

Last week, I attended and spoke at the SCTC’s CRG event here in Toronto - our Canadian Regional Group. The members are primarily consultants, and they see first-hand how their clients are dealing with change from things like digital transformation.

There were many good takeaways from the event, and I’ll cover them in due course, starting with this one. As a regular contributor to No Jitter, my current post focuses on a talk from Mitel’s CIO, Jamshid Rezaei. He provided a great overview of the challenges his organization faced around digital transformation, along with the approaches that worked best. I distilled that into a set of four lessons learned that should resonate for any IT decision-maker. Here’s the link to my post, and as always, comments and sharing are welcome.


Another Q&A on Future of Work with me - by Rich Tehrani

Our Future of Work conference is getting closer by the day, and it’s good to see host TMCnet giving it strong editorial support. This time around, I was interviewed by their CEO, Rich Tehrani, and the Q&A was posted yesterday. I’ve been working with Rich and his team for ages, and this will be a special time, as their flagship event, ITExpo, celebrates it's 20th year - very impressive.

If you haven’t seen the Q&A yet, here’s the link, and if you want more on this topic, this post will take you to the two-part Q&A Paula Bernier did with me earlier.

After digesting all that, and you’re ready to make plans to join us in Fort Lauderdale, feel free to use this code - Jon10 - to get a 10% discount on your registration. Hope to see you there!


Another Podcast to Share - "I Demand the Cone of Silence!"

Happy 2019 all!

I know I’m dating myself here, but the Cone of Silence from Get Smart is pretty relevant for today’s workplace. It’s even less practical than the shoephone - naturally, it never worked - but the underlying need for a private conversation to discuss sensitive topics is becoming a real challenge with so much pervasive - and invasive - technology around us 24/7.

That’s the teaser for my most recent podcast that my newsletter subscribers receive. As I’ve been explaining with earlier newsletters, I’m keeping that particular content exclusive for subscribers for a few weeks, then it will be shared here to a broader audience.

I was remiss last month in doing that, so blog readers here are getting a double-shot of podcasts. Last week, I posted our podcast from the previous issue - talking about Twilio, including their SIGNAL conference - and I’m pleasantly surprised by how much traffic it’s drawing. Now I’m doing the same for last month’s newsletter, and you can listen by clicking on the embedded link down below.

Even if you’re too young to remember Get Smart , I think you’ll find our discussion of interest, and it goes well beyond the Cone of Silence. If you check it out, I’d love to hear your thoughts, along with suggestions for future podcast topics. And, of course, if you find this to be must-have content - and why wouldn’t you? - just sign up for the newsletter so you have it hot off the press. My January issue is going out this week, so there’s a brand new podcast just waiting to be heard!

December Writing Roundup

As 2018 closes out, my writing output has eased up a bit, but things will certainly be picking up in January. Here’s a digest of my December writing, and if you like what you see, I’d enjoy hearing from you. There will be plenty more to write about in 2019, so I hope you keep following me here.

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Sharing my Latest Podcast - Spotlight on Twilio

If you subscribe to my newsletter, you likely would have taken in this podcast by now, but for everyone else, this is being shared for the first time.

I meant to post this a few weeks back, but it didn’t happen, and since the podcast was mainly built around my takeaways from their SIGNAL conference, it’s not super-timely. However, Chris and I do speak more broadly about Twilio’s momentum and what makes them disruptive to us.

If you’re not a regular here, let me explain. Our podcasts are exclusive to subscribers, but I recently decided to cap that period to a couple of weeks, after which I would share it here to reach a broader audience. So, the benefit for subscribers is getting the podcast ahead of the pack, plus all the regular content that always remains just for that audience.

I realize that this approach isn’t ideal for podcasts that cover timely topics like conference recaps. However, if you’re new to the space or the company hosting the conference, the podcast will definitely have value. That said, our podcasts aren’t always tied to specific events, and I’ll do my best to get them shared on a more timely basis.

Perhaps if/when I start attracting big-time sponsors, I’ll find a better way, but for now, all I can do is put it out there, and get back to working on the new stuff! So, here you go, and if you like it, let me know - and feel free to suggest topics you’d like to see us cover.