Newsletter time - February issue is out now

My subscribers already know this of course, but most of my followers aren’t subscribers, so just a quick note to say it’s out, and if you want to get it, you can subscribe here in no time. If you don’t know, my podcast is the main feature for original content there, and this month, the focus is a preview for the Future of Work conference that I’m just finishing up today. It’s still very fresh, and if you sign up now, you’ll get the newsletter within a day or so.

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Going Deeper with AI - it's About Holding the Reservation, not Taking the Reservation

Sounds familiar, Jerry?

My latest post on BCStrategies builds on some takeaways from a recent SCTC event I attended and spoke at. In short, it’s about helping IT prepare for the moment when the CEO asks “why don’t we have AI?”.

A lot of expectations come with that, so the answer had better be good. I think there’s some useful guidance here, and if you know your Seinfeld, am sure you’ll agree. As always, sharing and comments are welcome - here’s the link to the post.


Future of Work Expo is a Week Away

Time for another shout-out for the Future of Work Expo, starting next Wednesday in Fort Lauderdale. It’s the first iteration of this event, for which I’m the co-chair, and we’ve got a great program ready to go. The event is under the bigger tent of TMCnet’s ITExpo, which is celebrating its 20th year - that’s pretty impressive.

I’ve been providing updates here and on social media, and if you' haven’t seen the Agenda page yet for the program, here it is. Speaking of social media, aside from my ongoing Twitter posts (@arnoldjon), the hashtag for the event is @FOW_Expo

If you haven’t seen this, here’s the Q&A TMCnet’s CEO Rich Tehrani recently did with me, and it serves as a good preview of what to expect next week.

Also, I can extend a 10% discount on any level of registration for ITExpo, including Future of Work. The discount code for that is Jon10, and I hope that helps you get there.


Enterprise Connect 2019 - $500 Extra Savings on Early Bird Rate Until Jan. 11

I don’t write time-sensitive posts often, but if you’re thinking about going to Enterprise Connect in March, this post is for you.

The early bird pricing ends this Friday - Jan. 11, and it’s a hefty discount. As a speaker, I can extend an add-on discount of another $500 savings, so combined, that’s a really nice incentive.

If that does the trick to get you registered this week, here’s the link to use, and you’ll be all set. After Jan. 11, prices go up, but my $500 discount can still be applied if you use this link.

While I have you, details about my speaking spot are here, and I’ll have more detail on that soon.

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Newsletter Time - January 2019 Edition

Another month, and another newsletter - JAA’s Communication and Collaboration Review. I started this last year, and it’s slowly taking on an identity. Very few people really know what indie analysts do, and even fewer have a sense of our range of services, or my entrepreneurial style. If that’s you, and if I’ve piqued your interest, just click here to subscribe, and then I won’t have to explain myself anymore!

The current edition went out via email to my subscribers today, and I’ve already had some nice feedback. Good to know people are reading it, and enjoying the content. Chris Fine and I have put together another timely podcast that we think you’ll enjoy, and I also did a year-end summary of all my activity for 2018. As always, your support is appreciated, and feel free to share with others and hopefully they’ll subscribe as well.

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