Moving to a Cloud Contact Center - Are You Really Ready? - My Latest Report

Just doing a shout-out for my latest thought leadership effort - it’s an Insight Report, published by No Jitter and sponsored by Voxbone. There’s more to the cloud than meets the eye when using it for contact center, and that’s what this paper explores.

Being hosted on No Jitter, this is gated content, so you need to register to get a copy, but that won’t take long at all, and am sure Voxbone will be happy you did that. I’m just the author, and if you want to discuss this topic further, feel free to drop me a line.


Enterprise Connect 2019 - My 3 Writeups

If you haven’t heard by now, last week’s Enterprise Connect was their biggest and best yet, and no matter where you are on your digital transformation journey, there were important takeaways. This time around, I did something different, and have a compiled a series of writeups that have been published on There are three running now, and a few more are in the works for later this week. Yes, there really was that much to talk about.

Before getting to those, to me, this photo below says a lot about how complex the collaboration space has become, especially for decision-makers. I’m a marketing guy at heart (at least that’s what my MBA says), and when every available surface or space above is for sale at the Gaylord, you get some strange juxtapositions.

This one caught my eye right away, and it’s a great example of conflicting messaging that must drive buyers crazy. On the left is RingCentral’s banner proclaiming their new branding: “One Customer Experience”, and on the park bench, we have Poly with their new-name branding: “The Power of Many”. I know they’re talking about different things, but it’s hard not to do a double-take seeing ads these side-by-side. Hopefully, after reading my writeups, this will be crystal clear. :-)

Oh, if you like this photo, I have many more to share, and will include some in my next newsletter (here’s how to subscribe).

EC19_Ring and Poly.jpg

Speaking of my writeups, here’s what’s running now on, and your comments and sharing are welcome.

March 20 - Team Collaboration Growing Pains

March 22 - Enterprise Connect Fireside Chat - Zoom, RingCentral, Twilio

March 25 - Microsoft Teams Update From Enterprise Connect

Cisco Collaboration Analyst Summit - Our BCStrategies Podcast

Some things happen in real-time, and for others, life just happens and things take a bit longer. Cisco recently hosted an analyst event at their San Jose HQ, and it basically served as our introduction to their new leadership team. There’s a lot to like here - not just the people running this LOB, but their vision, passion and focus to keep Cisco at the front end of the collaboration pack.

BCStrategies was well-represented at the event - see below - and we shared our first-hand impressions, along with a few BC Experts who weren’t there, but still had insights to add. This time around, Blair Pleasant moderated, and here’s the link to give it a listen.

Aside from our collective perspective, some BC Experts have contributed their personal takeaways, and mine was posted recently on my blog, titled Meet the New Boss. As always, comments and sharing are welcome!

Cisco collab_BCS group.jpg

Newsletter time - February issue is out now

My subscribers already know this of course, but most of my followers aren’t subscribers, so just a quick note to say it’s out, and if you want to get it, you can subscribe here in no time. If you don’t know, my podcast is the main feature for original content there, and this month, the focus is a preview for the Future of Work conference that I’m just finishing up today. It’s still very fresh, and if you sign up now, you’ll get the newsletter within a day or so.

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Going Deeper with AI - it's About Holding the Reservation, not Taking the Reservation

Sounds familiar, Jerry?

My latest post on BCStrategies builds on some takeaways from a recent SCTC event I attended and spoke at. In short, it’s about helping IT prepare for the moment when the CEO asks “why don’t we have AI?”.

A lot of expectations come with that, so the answer had better be good. I think there’s some useful guidance here, and if you know your Seinfeld, am sure you’ll agree. As always, sharing and comments are welcome - here’s the link to the post.