Next Stop - Scottsdale and Vonage

I don’t expect you’re keeping tabs on me, but tomorrow is my last trip for November, and for now, last one til 2019. This time it’s for Vonage Business, and will be their first event just for analysts. We’ll be a small group, but keenly interested in their roadmap, especially following their latest acquistiion, NewVoiceMedia.

My history with Vonage goes back to their earliest days as a very, very disruptive consumer VoIP play, and a lot sure has happened since. Not sure yet how much will be under NDA, but will blog and tweet as time allows. Not much more detail to share, but you can find it here in my Event Calendar section.


BroadSoft Connections - My BCStrategies Thoughts on Being Better with Cisco

Sure was an interesting event last week at BroadSoft Connections. I managed to get a short post here on my blog with some photos before it was over, and followed that with a more reflective writeup wearing my BCStrategies hat.

That writeup was posted on our portal late Friday, and am just getting a chance to share it here now. Got a lot more to talk about from Connections, and that should surface soon, so stay tuned. Otherwise, I hope you find my thoughts to be relevant, and as always, feedback and sharing are welcome.

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Talkdesk Opentalk18 - Two Sets of Takeaways

Am just back from Talkdesk’s event in San Francisco, so it’s been a busy week. Lots to like - and learn - about what they’re doing, and I summarized that in two posts, both of which have been published now on

If you haven’t seen them yet, the links are here and here. As always, comments and sharing are welcome.

Otherwise, here are a few of my photos from the event, and with that, we’re on to Miami, and BroadSoft Connections on Monday!

My November Newsletter is Out

Just a quick shout-out, but if you’re a subscriber, you already have it. For everyone else, if you like what I do, and want to better understand how I support my clients, you’ll want to subscribe. Here’s the link, and you’ll have it in no time.

As a teaser, the content is exclusive for subscribers, and that includes my podcast, which I do with my colleague, Chris Fine. This time around, we share our takeaways from Twilio’s recent SIGNAL conference. Subscribers get to hear that now, and otherwise, I’ll share the podcast publicly here on my blog a few weeks from now.

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Next Stop - San Francisco and Talkdesk

That’s my destination tomorrow, and am looking forward to attending Talkdesk’s Opentalk18 conference. Will be a first-timer for me to meet the company, and I’ll provide updates as time allows. More details here, and for social, the hashtag is #Opentalk18.

Time to buckle up! This is the first of three industry events I’ll be travelling to in the US during November, so watch for updates here, on my Event Calendar page, and on my social channels.