Enterprise Connect Shout-Out #2 - Am Speaking at SCTC’s Lunch Session

Enterprise Connect will be here before you know it, and once things start, it becomes a blur pretty fast. I’ll be flying to Orlando on Sunday, and will be there til things wrap up Thursday afternoon.

I posted the other day about my main speaking spot - speech tech and AI in the enterprise - and if you missed that, here’s the post. That talk is Tuesday morning, first thing at 8am, so don’t sleep in!

Later on Tuesday, I’ll be doing my second talk as part of a lunch and learn session run by the SCTC, for which I’m a member. The session is primarily for the consulting community, especially those who are not SCTC members. Others are welcome, though, and the details are here.

I’ll be doing a brief presentation on key trends around digital transformation and AI, along with how consultants can add value to their clients in these areas. If that primer helps get you to come out and join us, great - see you there.

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RingCentral - My Analyst Event Takeaways on BCStrategies

Another week, another conference. Sure is hectic leading up to Enterprise Connect next week, and I really wanted to get a writeup done now about last week’s RingCentral analyst day.

Was a long way to go for a one-day event, but the in-person updates were worth it. Definitely have a better sense now for why RingCentral has been growing so nicely, and where they believe things are going. I’ve summarized my thoughts on that for my latest BCStrategies post, and you can read it here now. As always, comments and sharing are welcome.

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Speech Tech and AI in the Enterprise - Am Speaking at Enterprise Connect Next Tuesday

It’s crunch time for Enterprise Connect 2019, and there’s no end to speakers and sponsors touting their appearances at the conference.

Being an indie, I have to wear all the hats, so it’s time again to go into PR mode and make sure you know when and where I’m speaking. I’ve got two speaking spots, and am doing separate posts for each.

This post is for the main one, an update on speech tech and AI in the enterprise. Some of you saw me speak on that topic last year, and the organizers have asked me back from an update, so here I am.

My talk is titled Speech Technologies for the Enterprise: Market Update, and I’ll be at Osceola A at 8 am, Tuesday, March 19.

All the details are here, including a link to add the session to your planning calendar, and a discount for event registration if you haven’t done that already. Hope to see you there!

To get a better sense of what I’ll be talking about, my blog post from last week has links to my No Jitter preview article, and two podcasts - one with No Jitter, and one with BCStrategies.

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Cisco Collaboration Analyst Summit - Our BCStrategies Podcast

Some things happen in real-time, and for others, life just happens and things take a bit longer. Cisco recently hosted an analyst event at their San Jose HQ, and it basically served as our introduction to their new leadership team. There’s a lot to like here - not just the people running this LOB, but their vision, passion and focus to keep Cisco at the front end of the collaboration pack.

BCStrategies was well-represented at the event - see below - and we shared our first-hand impressions, along with a few BC Experts who weren’t there, but still had insights to add. This time around, Blair Pleasant moderated, and here’s the link to give it a listen.

Aside from our collective perspective, some BC Experts have contributed their personal takeaways, and mine was posted recently on my blog, titled Meet the New Boss. As always, comments and sharing are welcome!

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March Newsletter is Out Now

My March Communications and Collaboration Review went out to subscribers on Tuesday, and for everyone else, it recaps a busy February where I travelled to three events, so there were plenty of takeaways. There’s also a preview of what’s coming later this month at Enterprise Connect, along with my latest podcast with Chris Fine. This time around, we explored more future of work themes, based on recent events we have each attended.

If you’d like to get this issue and upcoming newsletters, all you need to do is sign up here. That’s it.

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