Managed IT Services for SMBs - My Latest BCStrategies Post

I cover a wide range of topics wearing my BC Expert hat with BCStrategies, and for this month’s contribution, the focus was on managed IT services. In the course of my research, I talk to different types of providers, including MSPs, and I find that a fascinating space. They have a strong niche with SMBs, and while it’s easy to associate them with selling managed or hosted communications services like VoIP or UC, they can be just as home offering the same for IT services.

Considering the inherent challenges faced by SMBs to keep up with technology, this shouldn’t be surprising, and if anything, IT services should be a great stepping stone to supporting leading edge UC&C offerings. With that connection in mind, if you follow SMBs, I think you’ll find my latest post of interest. Basically, when SMBs are in a good place with their IT capabilities, going to the cloud for UC or contact center becomes much easier.

I should also add that I got first-hand view of that on a recent briefing with NexusTek, a Colorado-based MSP. They’ve really fine-tuned their portfolio of managed IT services, and have leveraged the cloud pretty effectively to support distributed organizations. SMBs need to operate this way to stay competitive, and along those lines, NexusTek recently launched an expanded suite of managed IT services. There is no shortage of MSPs to choose from, and this seems like a good way to create some differentiation, so kudos to them. Anyhow I hope you check out my BCStrategies post, and as always, comments are welcome.

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Next Stop - San Diego and KAZOOcon

With a name like that, how could you not want to be there?

This is my first time attending this event put on by 2600Hz, and I’ll be part of an analyst panel on Wednesday at 11:40, along with BCStrategies colleagues Blair Pleasant and Phil Edholm. Details can be found in the Event Calendar section of my website, and if you want to follow along, my twitter handle is @arnoldjon, and the event hash is #KazooCon19.

I’ve got yet another bi-coastal week ahead, so my travel plans need to be well-organized. Am flying to San Diego tomorrow morning, returning Thursday night, then flying to NYC Friday morning with my partner for a family gathering, back Tuesday night. Oh boy! Will try to dip my toes in both oceans, and if so, I’ll let you know which one is colder.


My Latest Podcast, with Talkdesk on EM360

I get involved in various projects with UK-based EM360, and this time around it was a podcast with Talkdesk. Our topic was how the cloud brings new value to the contact center, and my accomplice was Talkdesk’s Director of Product Marketing, Stephen Bell.

The podcast was just just posted on EM360 today, so here’s the link if you’d like to give it a listen. As always, sharing and comments are welcome, and if you’d like to do something similar for your company, am sure the EM360 folks will be happy to hear from you.


Newsletter Time - June Issue and New Podcast

If you subscribe to my newsletter, you should have it by now, as distribution happened earlier today. Aside from my regular mix of updates and what I’m seeing in the market, we have a new podcast to share. This time around, Chris Fine and I talk about the differences between collaboration and workstream communications - terms that are easily interchanged and can be confusing depending on who’s doing the talking.

As usual, the podcast is exclusive to subscribers for about two weeks, after which it will be publicly shared. Don’t forget to check out the new transcript feature, where you can follow the bouncing cursor to see how well is doing speech-to-text in real time of the podcast - pretty cool. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you might was to subscribe, and that takes about 10 seconds - how hard is that?


Next Stops - Toronto and Niagara Falls

No travel in May, but I have four events next month, including two next week. Happily, both are close to home, and since they overlap, I have the luxury of being able to attend both. As you may know, since I make my living largely from the US, I’ve long noted how few industry events there are here in Canada. It can be a full-time job hopping from event to event in the US, but I can count on one hand how many Canadian events there are for me to attend. Wouldn’t you know it, but there two happening at the same time next week. Life’s like that, and am really looking forward to both.

On Monday, I’ll be taking in Day 1 at the Canadian Telecom Summit. This event has long been the biggest and best industry gathering, and it’s moved to a bigger site now, which is always a good sign.

Then on Tuesday, I’m driving a bit further west to Niagara Falls for Day 1 of the MISA event. This is where IT buyers from municipalities gather to learn the latest on many fronts, including technology. There’s a bit more back story to this, and you can read that in the Event Calendar section of my site, where you’ll also find links to both events.