Mitel Analyst and Consultant Summit - Quick Post and Pix

Just back from Mitel’s event in Plano, Texas, and it was time well spent. Event was short, but all the sessions were good, and their team was accessible and keen for our feedback. I’ll have more to say in a post coming a in a few days, and until then, here are some photos.

Below, CEO Rich McBee, CMO Wes Durow, and Katie Kregel’s panel session, Making the Right Cloud Choice.


Some slideware from the session: contact center portfolio summary, CloudLink overview, UCaaS competitive landscape (as defined by Mitel), enterprise architecture framework and key partners

This first photo is a bit cropped, but yeah, now THAT’s a power bar - more proof that everything IS bigger in Texas. Our big social outing, courtesy of Mitel’s box - off to the ballpark to see the Rangers, and - of course - my Red Sox. I came prepared, yup.