EX + CX: My Latest Podcast and Article with RingCentral

Thought leadership comes in many forms, and while I do a LOT of writing for my clients, I also do my share of podcasting. This won’t be news to my blog followers, so if you’re a more recent arrival, these are some of the ways I help vendors and cloud providers drive adoption of their technologies with end customers.

My latest update comes via the work I’ve been doing with RingCentral, where I’ve been a guest blogger off and on for some time. There are two new thought leadership offerings to share; namely an article of mine, and a podcast with me in conversation with RingCentral’s Robert Murphy and his Connection podcast series.

These pieces build on recent research done about the combined value of EX and CX - employee experience and customer experience. Each is important on its own, but they complement each other, which leads to greater agility, better productivity and happier customers.

The companion piece is our podcast, which covers this ground, but quite a bit more thanks to Robert Murphy’s thoughtful narrative. If the EX + CX equation piques your interest, I think you’ll find both of interest, and the starting point is here for the article. From there, you won’t have to look far for the podcast, but if you want to start with that, here’s the link.