VOICE Summit 19 Update - What I'll Be Doing There

Billed as the “world’s largest voice event”, this sounds like something I really should attend. It’s now just two weeks away - running June 22-25 in Newark, NJ - and the marketing effort is in high gear. I’ll do my part with this shout-out and update on my roles beyond attending.

First, I’ll be leading a panel discussion on Tuesday at 3pm - “Voice and AI in the Enterprise - Executive Briefing”. Joining me will be Collin Davis of AWS, Yingbo Zhou of Salesforce, and Jason Ouimette of Noble Systems. Am working out the topics now, and I sure hope you can join us. I’ll be socializing this over other channels, but for now, all the details are here. You’re going need to that, as there are 17 tracks, so choosing sessions and navigating your logistics is going to be challenging. But really, why would you attend any other session at that time? :-)

Second is my role for the VOICE Summit Awards. They’ve gathered tons of submissions across 12 categories, and I’m one of the judges. I’m evaluating about 90 submissions from four categories, and am just about done with that. At this point, I’m pretty saturated going through all these, but there are definitely some cool entries that I plan to start following now.

Otherwise, I have two quick items to add:

  1. If you haven’t registered yet, you can save 15% using this link and my promo code, JA309

  2. On July 5, I did a livestream interview with Pete Erickson of Modev (the company behind the event), and if you haven’t seen it, look for it here on their Facebook page

Voice 2019 image.jpg