Managed IT Services for SMBs - My Latest BCStrategies Post

I cover a wide range of topics wearing my BC Expert hat with BCStrategies, and for this month’s contribution, the focus was on managed IT services. In the course of my research, I talk to different types of providers, including MSPs, and I find that a fascinating space. They have a strong niche with SMBs, and while it’s easy to associate them with selling managed or hosted communications services like VoIP or UC, they can be just as home offering the same for IT services.

Considering the inherent challenges faced by SMBs to keep up with technology, this shouldn’t be surprising, and if anything, IT services should be a great stepping stone to supporting leading edge UC&C offerings. With that connection in mind, if you follow SMBs, I think you’ll find my latest post of interest. Basically, when SMBs are in a good place with their IT capabilities, going to the cloud for UC or contact center becomes much easier.

I should also add that I got first-hand view of that on a recent briefing with NexusTek, a Colorado-based MSP. They’ve really fine-tuned their portfolio of managed IT services, and have leveraged the cloud pretty effectively to support distributed organizations. SMBs need to operate this way to stay competitive, and along those lines, NexusTek recently launched an expanded suite of managed IT services. There is no shortage of MSPs to choose from, and this seems like a good way to create some differentiation, so kudos to them. Anyhow I hope you check out my BCStrategies post, and as always, comments are welcome.

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