Next Stop - San Diego and KAZOOcon

With a name like that, how could you not want to be there?

This is my first time attending this event put on by 2600Hz, and I’ll be part of an analyst panel on Wednesday at 11:40, along with BCStrategies colleagues Blair Pleasant and Phil Edholm. Details can be found in the Event Calendar section of my website, and if you want to follow along, my twitter handle is @arnoldjon, and the event hash is #KazooCon19.

I’ve got yet another bi-coastal week ahead, so my travel plans need to be well-organized. Am flying to San Diego tomorrow morning, returning Thursday night, then flying to NYC Friday morning with my partner for a family gathering, back Tuesday night. Oh boy! Will try to dip my toes in both oceans, and if so, I’ll let you know which one is colder.