Next Stops - Toronto and Niagara Falls

No travel in May, but I have four events next month, including two next week. Happily, both are close to home, and since they overlap, I have the luxury of being able to attend both. As you may know, since I make my living largely from the US, I’ve long noted how few industry events there are here in Canada. It can be a full-time job hopping from event to event in the US, but I can count on one hand how many Canadian events there are for me to attend. Wouldn’t you know it, but there two happening at the same time next week. Life’s like that, and am really looking forward to both.

On Monday, I’ll be taking in Day 1 at the Canadian Telecom Summit. This event has long been the biggest and best industry gathering, and it’s moved to a bigger site now, which is always a good sign.

Then on Tuesday, I’m driving a bit further west to Niagara Falls for Day 1 of the MISA event. This is where IT buyers from municipalities gather to learn the latest on many fronts, including technology. There’s a bit more back story to this, and you can read that in the Event Calendar section of my site, where you’ll also find links to both events.