Newsletter Time - April Issue Now Published

A publishing house I am not, but I really do try to get my newsletter out on the first week of the month. This time around the stars lined up nicely, both in terms of getting all the content ready by month-end, and the new month starting on a Monday - that’s neat and tidy.

The April issue went out yesterday morning, so subscribers should have it by now. Some tiny things were missed, however, and have since been fixed, and will be reflected when we do a second mailing around mid-month.

My main message here is that if you like my work, you’ll enjoy getting the newsletter. Just takes a moment to sign up - here’s the form - and you’ll get it via email every month.

If you don’t know, the main feature is our podcast, which I produce with long-time colleague Chris Fine, and this time around we talked about Enterprise Connect. You won’t hear these insights anywhere else, so if you’re still feeling the buzz from EC 2019, you’ll find this time well-spent.

I do share the podcasts publicly a few weeks after the newsletter goes out, so if you don’t want to subscribe and don’t mind waiting, you’ll still get a chance to give it a listen.

Starting this month, btw, you can do more than just listen to my podcasts. I’ve added a new feature - real-time transcription from - a pretty cool company - so you can just read along instead. Perhaps more interesting, you can read and listen, and along the way, you can see just how accurate the speech-to-text transcription is. This is pretty new for the collaboration space, and as I do more work here, you’ll be hearing about new use cases, and there will be many.

Otherwise, the newsletter is a good way to keep tabs on my work, including the conferences I’m at, where I’m speaking, what my client projects look like, the various forms of thought leadership I produce, how I’m tracking on social media, and occasionally sharing some of my photos and SIPtones music performance clips. My 24/7 subscriber team is ready for you any time, and even if it’s raining out, you’ll still get the newsletter right to your e-door - promise!

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