Slack Frontiers - Quick Takeaways - Every Picture Tells a Story

Rod Stewart’s breakthrough 1971 album of that name is still one of my all-time faves, and it’s the right point of reference for this post. Aside from being a music guy and an unconventional writer, I gotta fast-track right now, as I’m about to fly home from San Francisco after the latest Slack Frontiers event. This was my second time attending, and there’s a LOT to talk about. No time now for a thoughtful analysis - that will be coming early next week on BC Strategies, and later in other places.

So, as the week draws to a close, here is a handful my photos - I’ve got many more - and each one tells a story. This will give you a flavor of what was on tap at Frontiers, and all I’m going to say is that Slack has their mojo working. If you don’t know what a mojo is - well, then we need to talk.

I’ll leave you with two segues that tie all this together and then I hope you enjoy the photos below. Rod Stewart’s first two albums went nowhere, but he really nailed it with Every Picture. Likewise, Stewart Butterfield, Slack’s co-founder and CEO, has also nailed it with Slack. His previous ventures had mixed results, and when my writing comes along, you’ll understand why he’s got the mojo now.

Speaking of mojo, the blues guy in me makes an instant connection with my hero Muddy Waters and his signature show-closer, and yes, harp god Paul Butterfield and his killer playing on one of Muddy’s later records. Sorry, Stewart, your just name got me going on the music groove, but I think it all somehow seems to fit. Enough talking - hope you enjoy these pix.

How’s this for inspiration - Serena Williams opening the event, Guy Raz from NPR, and Kenyatta Leal of Next Chapter leading a panel with Common and others about how companies like Slack are supporting programs to give incarcerated people legit second chances after leaving prison. Amen.

I’ll have more to say later, but these images are pretty cool, and Slack’s use of visuals was highly creative, and to me reflects how a new language is emerging for how we collaborate. On this screen you can see real time transcription during some of the sessions. Am doing a lot of work in this area, so it got my attention. Finally, a nice photo with Kenyatta.

The big news was a formal partnership with Zoom, and here we have Stewart sharing the announcement with Eric Yuan, Zoom’s CEO. Finally, Dr. Mae Jemison, the first woman of color in space - wow. In true SNL style, cast and crew all up on stage taking a final bow, complete with the SNL close-out music. Love it. Also, on our first night, they hosted a reception at Slack HQ.

I love taking photos - here are two day-night pairings - Ferry Building and the Bay Bridge.

A bit of a different take - SF skyline as seen from the event site - on a clear day, and when the fog rolls in. To our right outside the venue, Coit Tower. And, best for last, my idea of a perfect mid-day break - chocolate ice cream, cappucino and the spectatcular view. Can you top that?