New Podcast to Share - AI in the Workplace

If you don’t know, I publish a monthly newsletter - you can subscribe here - and a regular feature is a podcast segment I do with long-time industry colleague, Chris Fine. We’re getting the hang of doing these now, and to give our podcasts more exposure, I’m sharing them here a few weeks after the newsletter runs.

This time around, Chris and I touched on several aspects of AI that are finding their way into the workplace, along with his thoughts on the Team WX conference, and mine on the Cisco Collaboration Analyst Summit.

Before getting to that, here are a few updates coming on the newsletter front:

  • I’ve been doing the newsletter almost a year, and I’ll soon be adding an archive on the website for past issues

  • I’ll be doing the same for the podcasts, so there’s a separate archive for that coming very soon

  • Transcripts will be added to future podcasts - am hoping that will be in place for the April issue - more on that soon

With that housekeeping out of the way, here’s last month’s podcast - hope you enjoy it!