Enterprise Connect Shout-Out #2 - Am Speaking at SCTC’s Lunch Session

Enterprise Connect will be here before you know it, and once things start, it becomes a blur pretty fast. I’ll be flying to Orlando on Sunday, and will be there til things wrap up Thursday afternoon.

I posted the other day about my main speaking spot - speech tech and AI in the enterprise - and if you missed that, here’s the post. That talk is Tuesday morning, first thing at 8am, so don’t sleep in!

Later on Tuesday, I’ll be doing my second talk as part of a lunch and learn session run by the SCTC, for which I’m a member. The session is primarily for the consulting community, especially those who are not SCTC members. Others are welcome, though, and the details are here.

I’ll be doing a brief presentation on key trends around digital transformation and AI, along with how consultants can add value to their clients in these areas. If that primer helps get you to come out and join us, great - see you there.

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