Speech Tech and AI in the Enterprise - Am Speaking at Enterprise Connect Next Tuesday

It’s crunch time for Enterprise Connect 2019, and there’s no end to speakers and sponsors touting their appearances at the conference.

Being an indie, I have to wear all the hats, so it’s time again to go into PR mode and make sure you know when and where I’m speaking. I’ve got two speaking spots, and am doing separate posts for each.

This post is for the main one, an update on speech tech and AI in the enterprise. Some of you saw me speak on that topic last year, and the organizers have asked me back from an update, so here I am.

My talk is titled Speech Technologies for the Enterprise: Market Update, and I’ll be at Osceola A at 8 am, Tuesday, March 19.

All the details are here, including a link to add the session to your planning calendar, and a discount for event registration if you haven’t done that already. Hope to see you there!

To get a better sense of what I’ll be talking about, my blog post from last week has links to my No Jitter preview article, and two podcasts - one with No Jitter, and one with BCStrategies.

EC19_Bannner Ad_Im Speaking_1200x630.jpg