Enterprise Connect Preview on No Jitter - My Talk About Speech Tech in the Enterprise

One of the many writing hats I wear is that of a contributor to No Jitter. It’s actually under the BCStrategies banner, where six of us from that group are on a regular rotation to produce weekly posts for No Jitter. This week was my turn, and the timing was right to talk about what I’m going to be talking about at Enterprise Connect 2019 in Orlando a few weeks from now.

Last year, I gave a similar talk at the conference, which had introduced speech technology as a new track. It looks like the results were good, as it continues this year, and they’ve asked me back to give an update on the state of speech tech in the enterprise. Most of the action for speech tech is in the contact center - and there will be plenty of coverage for that during the conference - but there certainly are solid use cases emerging in the workplace.

The intersection of AI and speech is producing some interesting applications, and we’re very much at the beginning of what’s to come here. I’ll be providing several use case examples during my talk, along with my perspectives on bigger picture considerations when bringing these new capabilities into the workplace. If liked my approach to the topic last year, I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy this one too. My reference points are pretty unconventional, but I have a plan, and I think it’s a good plan.

To prime you even further for my session - it’s on Tuesday, March 19 at 8am - details here - I’ve got two things to share with you that were just posted on No Jitter.

First is the aforementioned article previewing my session, and you can read it here on No Jitter.

Second is a podcast that was recorded yesterday as a companion piece, where I was interviewed by No Jitter’s Beth Schultz., as part of their ongoing On Air podcast series. There’s a link to the podcast in the No Jitter article, and here’s a direct link to where it’s hosted in the Podcasts section of their website (registration required, sorry!).

I hope you check both of these out, and even better if you come see my talk! As always, comments and sharing are welcome, and if you still haven’t registered, there’s a $200 discount offer from No Jitter - details are at the end of my article.

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