My Latest White Paper - Leveraging Cloud Communications for SMBs

I write my fair share of white papers, and when combined with a webinar, they can be effective demand generation tools for vendors and providers. My latest one here is with 8x8, where I prepared a white paper focused on how cloud can really help SMBs take advantage of today’s UC offerings.

I did a well-attended webinar with them about this topic in December, and the white paper has now been published. They produce a lot of these, so you might want to review more than just mine. For now, though, my message is to say that my white paper is posted now, and here’s the link to download it from their site.

No doubt, 8x8 would love to hear from you if you’re considering cloud communications, and I’m always here if you want learn more about how I help companies get to market faster.

jon-arnold-thumb_white paper.png