September Writing Roundup

Another month, and another batch of writing - but also a batch of podcasts. I don’t usually include the latter in these roundup posts, but they’re another form of content in my mix of services. I’ve been doing a fair number of them lately, so I might as well include them here in case you missed them earlier.

Choosing the Right Partner for Cloud Services,, Sept. 30

Podcast - in Conversation with 2600Hz, Good News newsletter, September issue

What are the Benefits of Contact Center and UC Integration?, TechTarget, Sept. 26

Podcast with PGi - Defining Use Cases for a Great ROI on Collaboration, Enterprise Management 360, Sept. 20

3 Value Drivers for Messaging with Collaboration,, Sept. 18

EX + CX: Why They’re Better Together, podcast and guest post, RingCentral, Sept. 17

How Can You Restore Trust to Telephony?,, Sept. 12

How AI in the Workplace will Affect Collaboration and Job Performance, TechTarget, Sept. 10

The Case for Cloud Contact Centers, 3-part podcast series with Vonage/NewVoiceMedia, Enterprise Management 360, posted Sept. 4