Latest JAA Podcast - Robocalls and Restoring Trust to Telephony

I’ve been remiss about publicly sharing our Watch This Space podcasts after newsletter subscribers get exclusive access, so there’s two things you should know on that front.

First, there is a Current Podcasts archive on my website, where you can access all of our podcasts, except for the most recent one.

Secondly, the most recent one - from the September edition - can be accessed from the landing page of my website (and it will soon be added to the archive. The title is self-explanatory, and if the topic is of interest, I think you’ll enjoy this episode. Just go to the landing page, and scroll down a bit - you can’t miss it.

Following that, if you’d like more timely access to our podcasts, you can subscribe here to my monthly newsletter - JAA’s Communications and Collaboration Review. The October issue goes out next week, including a brand new podcast.

Sept 2019 podcast thumb_PNG.png