Another Q&A on Future of Work with me - by Rich Tehrani

Our Future of Work conference is getting closer by the day, and it’s good to see host TMCnet giving it strong editorial support. This time around, I was interviewed by their CEO, Rich Tehrani, and the Q&A was posted yesterday. I’ve been working with Rich and his team for ages, and this will be a special time, as their flagship event, ITExpo, celebrates it's 20th year - very impressive.

If you haven’t seen the Q&A yet, here’s the link, and if you want more on this topic, this post will take you to the two-part Q&A Paula Bernier did with me earlier.

After digesting all that, and you’re ready to make plans to join us in Fort Lauderdale, feel free to use this code - Jon10 - to get a 10% discount on your registration. Hope to see you there!