Voice - New and Improved, Thanks to AI - and Future of Work Expo Shout-Out, Part 2

Well, this worked out well. I've been writing a column for TMCnet - Rethinking Communications - for a few years, but after shifting recently to a quarterly publishing cycle, there have been longer gaps for my articles.

My latest article was just published the other day, and as the title suggests - Voice - New and Improved, Thanks to AI - the topic fits quite well with the Future of Work Expo coming up next January. To connect the dots, my earlier post today talks about the conference, and after reading that, the connection with this article should be clear.

This time around, the article is running in TMCnet's publication Unifed Communications, and that seems like a good fit to me. I hope you enjoy it, and even better if it gets you closer to deciding to join us at Future of Work Expo.

TMC_Unified Comms mag.png