Next Up - Blockchain Futurist Conference, Toronto

Am very happy to have pretty much no business travel for the summer, but I do have a local event coming up next week. My newsletter subscribers will know that I'm exploring blockchain a bit - who isn't? - and with the Blockchain Futurist Conference here in my back yard, I'll be there. Details are here, in the Event Calendar section of my website.

Not really sure what to expect, but the lineup is solid, and am sure it will be a firehose of pitches and hype. Reminds me a lot of the early days of VoIP - same trajectory, just a different technology. Anyhow, I have no doubt I'll learn some things and meet lots of interesting people - and I'll definitely be writing about it soon after.

Speaking of conferences, things are quietly ramping up for the fall, and I've been getting things in place for a few, namely Slack, two Cisco events and SCTC. Details coming on these soon.