5 Signs it's Time to Change Your Phone System - My Latest Webinar

Most webinars I do are recorded live, so it's important to know the date if you want to participate. This time around, I was involved doing an on-demand webinar, and like the podcasts I do with BCStrategies, there's no live audience. We record the session as if it was live, and make it available on demand soon after.

For the above-titled webinar, I was the featured presenter, and following my talk, I was joined by Randy Carter from Genesys for an interactive dialog about the topic. The webinar was hosted by Toolbox.com, and the registration page has now been posted to their site. To learn more about the topic and access the webinar, here's the link.

If you're interested in understanding how the role of voice is changing in the contact center, I think you'll find this worthwhile, as there's much more to consider than the state of your phone system. As always, your comments are welcome, and if there's another topic you'd like to see us tackle, I'd love to hear from you.