Managing CX from the Inside-Out - my Latest on No Jitter

I draw writing inspiration from many sources - industry events, news items, personal interviews and research studies. Regarding the last item, publicly-available studies cross my path on occasion, and if there's interesting data, I like to add my own take.

Sometimes I do this because the findings simply need more attention, but other times I see things in the data that haven't been picked up on in the sponsor's writeup. In part this is due to my unconventional background, but I also come by it honestly, since I've been a market research practitioner for 30+ years. I don't see much of that expertise in this space, so I'm happy to add to the learning that can come from new research.

That's the preface for my latest No Jitter writeup, and it's drawn from a new study done by Genesys that was shared at a high level during their recent CX18 conference. I've focused on some specific findings that support what I call the "inside-out" approach to CX, and why most enterprises aren't getting it right. My analysis has been posted now to the No Jitter site, and if you give it a read, I'd love to hear your thoughts.