February Writing Roundup

Time for another monthly writing update. My mix of work has shifted a bit, so my volume of writing is less, but am plenty busy in other areas. Depending on what you did or didn't read from me in February, here are the highlights to share:

How Can Huddle Room Technology Maximize Collaboration Success?, TechTarget, Feb. 27

AI in the Workplace - Voice is All you Need, Toolbox.com, Feb. 23

EC Tutorial - 3 Big Ideas for Speech Tech, No Jitter, Feb. 20

Thoughts on ITExpo - Where the Phones Are, UCStrategies, Feb. 20

The Evolution of Unified Communications Technologies, TechTarget, Feb. 14

My Latest Cisco White Paper - AI in the Contact Center, my blog, Feb. 12

BroadSoft Survey Analysis #3 - Extending the UC Value Proposition, Toolbox.com, Feb. 8

How AI can Make Voice Collaboration Better, Toolbox.com, Feb. 6

Consolidating Overlapping Tools for Enterprise Collaboration, Network Evolution Magazine - TechTarget, Feb. 1