Media Citings Summary Following Enterprise Connect

One of the benefits of being at major industry events is the media presence, and analysts are often cited as sources in their coverage. Like all analysts, I have my hot streaks, and I've been on a good run following Enterprise Connect. Since then, I've been cited as a source in the following writeups, as well as a full length guest post that was written earlier. More is coming, and to follow my media citings, please viist the In the News tab for my website.

IBM's New Watson Assistant Targets Business with "White Label" Service, Computerworld, March 26

Rethinking Customer Support with Office 365 and TouchPoint Agent, guest post for, March 21

The Evolution of the Digital Workspace,, March 21

AI and Speech Advances Bring Virtual Assistants to Work, Computerworld, March 20

Ready for Artificial Intelligence in Speech Recognition?, Tech Target, March 14