Newsletter Time - December Edition

Just doing my usual shout-out when the current JAA newsletter is out. Subscribers should have theirs by now, and if you want to become one, here’s the sigup link.

My Communications and Collaboration Review is a recap of recent activity and what’s been keeping me busy as an analyst, along with what’s coming over the next few weeks. There’s plenty of updates, industry perspectives, photos and links to various forms of thought leadership you might find of interest.

Another regular feature is my podcast, done with colleague Chris Fine. The podcast is exclusive for subscribers for a few weeks, after which I’ll share it publicly. This time around, Chris and I explore recent trends in enterprise communications, mainly around the changing role of telephony and implications for privacy. If you gotta have it now, great - just sign up and join my subscribers - and maybe the image below will get you going. The fate of the free world depends on it!