TMC's Future of Work Expo - My Thoughts via Q&A, Part 2

Been meaning to get this out sooner, but I’ve been away at back-to-back conferences. It’s the busy season for events, but there’s more to come, including this one later in January. Along with Paula Bernier, I’ll be co-chairing the Future of Work Expo, and we have a great program in place now. A few more speakers will no doubt be added, but even in its current state, we’re hoping you’ll find enough reasons to join us.

To support that, Paula recently interviewed me on what I’m seeing in the workspace, especially around collaboration technologies, AI, and the impact of changing demographics. I shared some thoughts as well for what to expect in Ft. Lauderdale and what I’ll be doing there. There was a lot of ground to cover, and I posted earlier about Part 1 from our interview. Part 2 has been published now, and you can read it here. As always, your comments are welcome, and perhaps I’ll see you at the Expo!